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Equipoise for Back Injury


Hello everyone.

I recently put an order in for EQ that should be arriving soon, and I had a question.

Quick background on me... I'm a NASM, AFAA, and Crossfit certified personal trainer. I suffered a back injury about a year ago and while it's gotten significantly better than it was with conservative rehab and mobility exercises... it's taking way to long.

I still can't do even light deadlifts without it causing some aggravation. The pain is not bad but it's an irritation that's preventing me from doing alot (deadlifting, squating, KB sidepresses, windmills, getups, even running, etc.).

Since I'm training every day (other's and myself), I want to get back to 100% as soon as possible, and I've read about EQ's ability to triple the rate of collagen synthesis.

I'm not positive what the injury is. I've seen doctors, PT's, and Chiros, and none of them have been able to pinpoint it. I havn't gotten an MRI cause the pain wasn't severe enough for a doctor to recommend it...

but I suspect through the months of research i've done, that it was probably either an annular ring tear in the lumbar spine, or a sprain one of the sacroilliac ligaments.

Now the only reason I'm doing EQ is to speed up my recovery. I've done a regular cycle (500mg/week test) and going from 180 to being 220 at 5'9" just isn't for me. It's too difficult to do the exercises I like to do at that bodyweight, and I looked like shit. I'm happy with my body now, I just want it's functionality back.

Question is... I can't find out what it is about EQ that causes the increase in collagen synthesis. My worry is that I start it, get a little bloated, take an AI, and then completely negate it's healing effects. I just wanna make sure that doing something like that will not impair it's ability to heal me. Thanks!


You're not going to go from 180 to 220 unless you're eating to go from 180 to 220.

I wouldn't run EQ on its own because it is suppressive and you'll still get some unwanted side effects without test. A low dose of 300~500 test with it should offset that. And unless you are really sensitive to estrogen you shouldn't have any need for an AI, you might just have to deal with being a little bit bloated for 10 weeks. A small price to pay for a whole lot of healing.


Equipoise is structurally veery similar to dianabol but biologically very different. both increase collagen synthesis.

Eq doesn't cause much bloat in many people, and an AI won't help with it.

Studies have been done in dianabol and healing disc injuries - it works. Eq is very weak.


Isnt equipoise simply methylated dianabol?

That isnbt to say that simply methylating a chemical will not drastically change its effects... cause it does!



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PM yer way broly


is it top secret!

just out of curiousity being ive had 3 herniated disks of which 2 are degenerative!

still getting down with it though!

you cant let it run your life



I would also like to know where I can find these studies.



I'm trying to stay away from test for the most part. When I did it last time the side effects weren't fun. Horrible acne and bloating. Do you think 300mg/week of EQ is enough to be very suppressive? From what I've read, it's supposed to not be very suppressive at all, especially at low doses.


I agree and to confirm what a high dose of Eq would be in RE: to aromatase issues.. i would say 1g+

600mg of Eq on its own would be a nice cycle for a beginner (proviron also obv.), and should give nice results.

800mg/wk would be the most i would ever use.. bear in mind the anxiety i suffer from Eq is almost blinding at times, but i have still continued with my 600mg/wk for around 10 weeks now.



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i am by far not as medically understanding as most here! but how is collagen synthesis supposed to help a bulging or herniated disk?

or take degeneration most degenerative disk have been ruptured and leaked out all the goodies correct?

goodies ....for lack of an educated term


you've got my attention with this one


The intervertebal discs have an outer band of ligament called the annular rings that hold in the nucleus pulposus. The rings are made of fibrocartilage which is composed of collagen. The rings, when they tear, take a very long time to rebuild because of a lack of bloodflow. Anything that will increase the rate of collagen synthesis will help speed the repair of any damaged ligament (ligaments all being composed of collagen fibers). I'm not sure if they aid at all with disk degeneration. EQ wont bring back the nucleus pulposus if some of it's been leaked out already.