Equipoise Experiences?

Okay, I’m quite a bit interested in this compound as it seems like side effects are minimal, effects like not a lot of water retention and ability to put nice amount of lean muscle and also versatility that this drug offers. This of course IF diet is in order and training is good.

If you can please also answer these questions:

  1. EQ increases the appetite, the typical bulking diet is +600-800cals (1000 max), so how are you supposed to lean bulk on this AAS, if it increases appetite so much? That would most definitely lead to unwanted fat gains (clean or not).
  2. RBC - is donating blood really enough to keep it in check? If so then how often?
  3. What is your experience vs nandrolone or some similar compound?

It works for horses, and horses are hyuge! I know some farriers that don’t like it when race horses are on. They spook easier.

Count calories, eat less if too fat.

Get a complete blood count (CBC) test. If out of range, donate. Stay hydrated.

Last question: N/A

Thank you for your answers, yes I forgot about anxiety side effect, but it’s dose dependant I think. What I’d like you to clarify is, you say eat less… I know that, as I said if diet is in order and I use no more than 800 calories when bulking, I only had one cycle and I don’t have much experience with AAS yet and I want to learn more about it before jumping on other compounds.
Okay, let’s say for example I’ve eaten my typical 800 calorie surplus and I’m still hungry? What to do then? Eat more (clean)? Does EQ has better nutrient partitioning? What is your experience?

I was being flippant with you. Hence the horse comments. There’s really no way to tell how YOU will respond.

There are guys in here who can’t gain fat if they tried @flipcollar . There are other guys who manage to get fat on bulks even running tren (all of r/steroids).

If you measure your waist every Friday and it grows too much, just cut back on calories by 250 and re-measure next Friday.

All the real experts here will want to know your age, stats, goals, planned cycle length and compounds to give you helpful advice.


I am a fan of EQ, it’s one of my regular compounds.

The appetite thing is hit or miss with me. Sometimes I can not eat enough other times I have to force myself to finish my 8-10oz protien shake. When the appetite is kicking I will of course feed myself lots of good lean clean food but when i can’t stop eating I will eat popcorn. Sounds dumb but it works. It’s fairly clean in regards to fat and all that, don’t get extra movie theater butter flavors. So it’s not too bad on calories and it will absorb fluid in your stomach and make you feel fuller. The kettle corn style has a sweetness to it that can help kill a random sweet tooth craving in my experience.
Now regardless of how it effects my appetite I do notice that I have these dreams on EQ. I am hunting and killing wild animals and then devouring them. Like tearing off the legs and just ripping the meat off with my teeth. It weird but it’s how I know the EQ is finally up to good levels in my blood. On tren I will dream about cookies, cheese cake, and all the stuff I don’t let myself eat. Tren makes me crave sugar, EQ makes me crave meat. Mainly chicken but my dreams I always eat something like a buffalo or deer or bear.

If you are worried about putting on bad weight during any cycle then go get one of those fat calipers they sell at the nutrition stores. They are supposed to be able to tell you your body fat percentage on a chart but I don’t trust those numbers. They do work in the sense that you can measure how thick the skin and underlining fat is. So if the scale is steadily moving up while the caliper measurements are going down or at least staying the same then you know you are on a good path.

The odd ball thing that I personally really like about EQ is every cycle I get new veins showing somewhere on my body. The first time I ran it I remember looking in the mirror and lifting up my arm. There up in my arm pit I had a popping vein, then I saw the vein showing on the inside of my bicep on the other arm. Then I saw the veins on my lats…EQ has been a regular compound for me ever since.

Now I noticed this the most on my first EQ cycle, the endurance goes way up. So harness that shit and put in another 30-45 minutes of heavy weights in the gym. If you do that you shouldn’t get any appreciable fat gains.

Now EQ vs deca, I can’t really say. I have only ever run NPP and I have only run it once. I will say that when I ran NPP I was hoping it would help with a tendon/elbow issue I have and it did. Supposedly any wet compound will help with joint issues but I have not noticed any help when running test and EQ while I did notice it on the NPP.

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You don’t get those dreams without eq? JK. That is a crazy side effect. Probably a good one.

I love EQ, just don’t take too much, or frontload otherwise you can get anxiety, or blood pressure issues. Also a bit of ache in the kidney area when on high doses. Anabolic doc on youtube has a clip on it.
I frontloaded with 1000mg/wk(for3 weeks) plus 200 test., didn’t feel too good on that cycle. Worked out that 375mg-400mg plus 200mg test was the sweet spot for me, run for 16 weeks. Slow at first, but the gains also stay on for a really long time afterwards

I didn’t notice any appetite increases, but I did notice a reduction of fat from the belly especially.

Never donated blood whilst on it, but if you get blood pressure or anxiety issues that would be the time to go. Some people do a self phlebotomy, but you would really want to know what you were doing before going down that path. If you admit to being on steroids most places won’t take a blood donation.

Never used nandralone, because of possibility of getting deca dick.

Okay, guys you’ve been real helpful. @Basement_Gainz that is one way to see how body composition is doing, I might try this out. What’s the point of stats anyway, I’ll probably make a thread of my before & after with pics (after I finish my cycle in mid summer). @now_i_care how much calories you did/do consume on EQ cycle? What other compounds you stack it with if any? NPP vs EQ please short comparison if possible, as I didn’t ask about deca exclusively, but nandrolones in general. @Beyond_Beyond were you in calorie deficit or something? Never understood how it’s possible to lose fat and gain muscle, unless you manipulate your diet and do a recomposition (workout days +calories/non workout days -calories).

I’m just a casual weight lifter. The actual experienced guys will give you different advice if you’re a 6’5" guy with a 34" waist then if your 5’9" with a 42" waist.

You didn’t list your goals. Do you want to compete in a BB show or just gain 20lbs or deadlift 600#?

I laughed pretty hard at this. Well done.

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I don’t know the actual answer why I lost fat on cycle, my diet was normal, not intentionally trying to decrease calories. I don’t get the reported an increase in appetite either. All steroid use supposedly reduces your bodyfat percentage a little. Not sure whether its increased workload capacity leading to extra calories burned through more exercise volume, or some other mechanism. Perhaps I didn’t get the increased appetite because of fat stores, and that instead my body utilized the stored fat as an energy source, rather craving more carbs. I wasn’t even doing a keto diet either.

Although Tren and EQ are quite different drugs, I did notice some night sweats. Nothing bad or uncomfortable, like many people get whilst on Tren. There was also a regular sensation whilst in lying bed upon going to sleep or waking up, where it felt like fat was being burned from around the midsection. Not very scientific but observable nonetheless.

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I’m currently 4 weeks into running eq at a pretty low dose. I’ve been running 200mgs on top of 400mgs of test. Compared to running just test like I did my last cycle my joints feel a lot better during heavy lifting. I agree with what others have said, the appetite thing is hit or miss. Sometimes I can’t eat enough and other times it’s normal, I went and did blood work 3 weeks into the cycle and my hematocrit is at 47.8. Which isn’t terrible but It’s still early in the cycle, I’m going to be closely watching my RBC. Blood pressure is good so far. Another thing to watch out for is e2 crash. My estrogen was super low as well so I had to cut out the ADex for now. From what I understand this is a long cycle steroid. 16 weeks minimum to get the full benefits. I don’t think it really compares to Deca but then again I haven’t run Deca so I can’t say. Good luck brother!