Equipoise Experience and Results

Hi everyone. As I am trying to educate myself more about roids, I wanted to ask you about your experience with Boldenone/EQ use. Feel free to contribute. Stuff to include:
-Duration of cycle
-What else did you stack
-Results you have seen (hardness, dryness, vascularity, strength, muscle gain)
-Side effects

EQ 450 test 250. I ran it for 12 weeks with a 5 week bridge using Tbol into PCT of clomid and nolva. Strength up, vascularity great, some mass gain but lost BF. Subtle but definite increase in strength. I felt great on this cycle. Cons, my blood pressure went up a little and my appetite was very strong, made it hard to be disciplined in my diet.
If I ran it again I’d run 600 EQ and higher test, I think the EQ dropped my E2 thinking back as my libido dropped towards the end. It was some time ago so don’t remember exact details. I like EQ though tbh.


There is an increasing body of evidence suggesting a metabolite of boldenone may act as a potent aromatase inhibitor. It’s been hypothesised via 1-2 studies that ATD (previously OTC, suicidal AI) may be formed as consequence from the metabolism of boldenone within the body.

More and more anecdotal reports of crashed E2 are coming out from guys using high dose boldenone.

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I love EQ. Slow, dry, keepable gains. Make sure you run it 1:1 with test or you’ll risk crashing your E2. You likely won’t need an AI. Run it for at least 16 weeks given the ester length, and 400-600mg/wk is a good place to start.

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Great guys!
More EQ users please write your experiences.

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I have used it 500-750/week about 20-24 week blasts with 750-1000 test, no bad sides,no bloating,no acne only bp 85-105/145-205 fluctuation and that got handled down with ABANA by himalayan herbs. Now its 85-95/140-160. Onlyvai that i ever use is arimistane 25-50 mg day.

You need to look into your bp.

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Didnt know EQ lowers your E2. If it does, why use any AI ? i get this like “oh i can run 500 test and 1 gram eq and no need to worry about high e2” heh :smiley:

Why? In my opinion under 90/155 majority of time is fair readings to me, doctor is now out of question, i just dont argue that do i use steroids or not :blush:

Do you mean me? If yes, dont use real ai what ever my stack is, i dont need it. No puffy,no acne, no tits.

Well if you are okay with it, that’s it, it’s fine. Many medical professionals would disagree with you though. Research on blood pressure and heart health would show you that you are at far higher risk than someone with normal blood pressure.

I know that im gonna die in the gym anyway in 2-5 years, no worries or fear. Phrase "get big or die tryin’ " is right in the middle for me.

What YOU suggest for me to do? (If you were me)

Are you depressed? Most people don’t want to die young.

I think a moderate approach can yield very good results. You might be leaving 15 lbs on the table, but you will still be huge compared to most people. I blast and cruise, but my cruise is 200 mg/wk, and I’m off at least as long as I’m on. I would stop a blast if bp it other sides got to be too much for my level of tolerance.

Basically use vs abuse.


Are you under 20 years old or over 80? Because this sentence either stems from lack of knowing how little 2 years is or you are basically dead. I never heard a more ridiculous statement from a gym rat and there have been a lot of questionable statements on here. You shouldn’t give your life to a no-cause like getting big.

If you’re seriously thinking like this, you could be depressed. This could stem from overtraining.

Theres so many things in life that are worth giving it all you got, choose wisely my friend, you only have one chance at this.


No depression at all. I dont grow at all under 1000 test and 600 deca anymore(example for amounts)

Again, no depression. I am 44 years old and have been training on/off 28 years.
I was 16 at first cycle and have lived very active life, now i bust wanna be big and strong.
I do NOT want to do anything else than training, its my life. This is wjat i do, if i dont do thos, i drink, alot.
I die to booze under year if i do not train. This is my life saver(i know that sounds crazy like fuck but it is what it is)
Sorry bad english, i try my best.
I just dont stand to be small.
Forgive my stupidity D

Can you refrain this? I dont understand “You shouldn’t give your life to a no-cause like getting big”

Can you post a picture? I think perhaps you suffer body dismorphia. I think perhaps you are bigger than you give yourself credit for. You could perhaps be happy maintaining your size and lowering dosages if you got that confirmation on your physique. It is easy to be blinded to your body, thinking your small, then someone says damn your huge.

Im now 261 pounds, i should be 280-285 in 12 weeks, too small. I also compete at bench, and planning to lift in super heavies under year(+140 kg/+308 pounds)
So i MUST be bigger. I was planning to write dysmorfia but that doest really fit in me.
Been “bigger” than normal is not enough for me, my whole selfimage, feelings, fears, self defence is based by how big and strong i am.
Its necessity for me, if im small i WILL get beati gs/killed in here. I live little rough neigbourhood (few idiots with death threats and violence) muscles have fence effect here.

I powerlift too. I know many who abuse, but encourage them to play the long game. I worry about one of my friends that is incredibly strong (has benched 600 raw at 250), but worry about if he will be here in a decade. I encourage you to reevaluate how big you think you need to be, or move somewhere you don’t need to fight.

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