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Equipoise Cycle 14wk Blood Test Results


I have been on this cycle for 16 weeks and am considering another 4 weeks to try to gain a few more pounds. I started at around 173lbs. I have not gained much weight but I have gain a decent amount of strength. I am curious on whyI didn't gain more weight and if I should continue. I train hard eat clean including:

240 Grams Protein per day
3100 calories per day
135 carbs per day

Week 1 - present 250mg Test Cypinate and 400 week Equipoise. Started Anastrozol 4 weeks ago due to slight gyno and started nolvadex 2 weeks ago for same reason but gyno is under control. Plan on staying on Test at 200 mg week after this cycle. I also do 500 mg of HCG week which keeps elbow pain away for some reason. I have much less libido in the past 1 week as well.

Here is my typical workout each week.

Monday: 10 sets of pull ups reps vary from 10 to 5 weighted, 3 sets of some type of heavy row. 10 Sets of 10 Weighted Dips, 3 sets of some type of heavy Bench Press.

Tues: 10 Sets of 10-5 reps of Squats, 3-5 sets of leg presses.

Weds: 6-8 Sets of 5- 10 reps Over Head Press and 3 sets lat raises.

Thursday: 5-10 sets of Rows and 5-10 sets of some type of bench press

Friday or Saturday: 8-10 Sets of Front Squats or Front Squats and Lunges for a total of 10 sets. Deadlifts or RDL's and extensions and leg curls.

Sunday Rest.

Here is my blood work at week 14:
Chol/Hdlc ration 37 High (Did not fast before test usually within range)
Non hdl 207 High
Glucose 93 In Range
Red Blood Cell: 4.92 In range
Hemoglobin 15.6 In Range
Estradiol 23 In Range
Prolactin 6.0 In Range
Total Test 1931 NG/dl High
Free Test 534 PG/ml High

Any advise is appreciated


so more than half your calories come from fat.... and thats a waste of drugs at that dose..... and your workouts are shit....

you need to quit doing teh steroidz and look at your diet...


Your workouts are pathetic at the bare minimum, Try something like this and see how it works out for you!
Monday: Chest/Biceps
Incline Dumbbell bench,Decline Barbell Bench,Weighted Dips, Dumbbell Flyes supersetter with inverted pushups! Biceps: Barbell Curls,Hammer Curls and Drag Curls

Tuesday: Legs
Barbell Squats,Leg Press,Heavy Lunges
SLDL Deadlifts or Goodmornings,Lying Leg Curls,1 Legged standing leg curls,Seated and Standing Calf raises, Toe raises


Thursday: Delts/Traps/Triceps
Seated dumbbell shoulder press,Dumbbell Upright Rows,Heavy Shrugs,Side Lateral Raises,Bent over Lateral Raises.
Close Grip Bench,French Presses,Cable Pushdowns

Friday: Back
Deadlifts or Rack Pulls,Barbell Rows,Pullups,Pullovers with dumbbell,Finished off with ultra heavy dumbbell rows!

Saturday: OFF

This is very similar to what I do and its worked fking flawlessly, Although I tweak it occasionally to keep progressing. As for your diet its pathetic and needs a lot of work from what i'm seeing!

  1. Your cycle sucks up the Test to 400minimum Eq Up to 600.
  2. Your routine is shit.
  3. Up your carb intake teen girls take in more than that. Lower your fat intake some.
  4. Do some research on how to train and eat. Maybe next time you won't waste a couple hundred dollars.


Thanks for the feedback. I didn't provide much diet info but am impressed by your ability to figure out my fat intake based on the info provided. I am 6ft 182lbs now at week 16. You are correct I do not watch fat intake as it comes from meat and dairy and nuts avacodos. I am however only 8% bodyfat so I feel I'm doing something right. However if it takes more carbs to put on more lean mass than I will up the carbs and lower the fat.

As far as training routine yes I'm currently doing high volume on 1 or 2 compound exercises for each muscle group twice per week. I have huge arms and chest and have no need to do more curls or benching. I'm not going to gain much more in those areas. Your telling me that doing 10 pull ups with 30lbs dangling for 10 sets isn't enough? Im hitting failure on 4 sets. Or 15 sets of compound leg exercises aren't enough. I don't get it? How many sets are you guys doing on your routine? Do you hit failure on every set? Also what would a good carb intake be for me?

Thanks for the advise!


I can't believe I just read that workout routine. You literally don't even lift as far as I'm concerned, can you please explain how the decision to take several types of steroids came to be? I'm very interested.


Why the fuck is the volume so high for your workouts? What are you a crossfitter? Also dedicating an entire day to just rows and bench? Or overhead press and lat raises?


Your 6ft 185lbs... You do not have a huge chest and huge arms... Im half a foot shorter than you and 40lbs heavier and I do not have a huge chest or huge arms. Yes your leaner than me but still any one here will agree you are slightly delusional. No offense meant but you need to step back and relook and rethink every single aspect of your training


Yes I used to crossfit but took time off to grow. I think your the only one that actually went through my workout routine. Im hearing that my workout isn't even a workout and that I need to add all these fluff lifts like curls and pec flys. Hey Im open to anything and am not claiming to know it all by any means.

I decided at the beginning of this cycle to focus on compound lifts, and not worry about the striations in my pecs or the size of the ball on my bicep. I used a High Volume routine that I learned about as a base for my routine. Its called German Volume Training . Heres an article: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/the_return_of_german_volume_training

Basicaly if you compare the common body building workouts that have you do for example 3 sets of incline, 3 sets of flat and 3 sets of decline for chest you are doing 9 sets. With this program you are doing 10 sets using your 20 rep max and exhausting the used motor pool. I did find myself getting realy sore and strong on these lifts. However I didn't put on much weight which was the reason I posted this topic. I actually felt that I was possibly doing the workouts too frequently and possibly not eating enough to grow although I am always eating. I was also curious if there was anyone that understood the bloodwork as well that would be willing to advise continuing this cycle safely.

So far what I have got from this was some very negative reviews of my workout routine in which I don't think the critics even understand otherwise I wont hear Im not working out enough. I also am hearing that I need to eat more carbs but am still unsure what the right amount would be so I will just start with more. Im naturally an ectomorph and have a 29 in waist so my arms do look huge at 16 inches. Im just looking to put on the weight below the belt.

  1. is wrong with the volume no one said you were not doing enough volume we said your routine looked like dog shit and it does.
  2. Start your carbs at and protein and 2x bodyweight and fat at .75-1g of body weight. If after you still not growing add .25 body weight in csrbs.
  3. Unless your 5'5 I dont care how big your waist is your 16in arms are not huuuoooge.


With all due respect, you should've picked up a workout mag and burger before picking up a needle. And I personally get a little peeved when people pull out random bf percentages out that ass.
Just up your caloric intake, double your carbs, and pick up a cookie- cutter bodybuilding 'mass workout' plan and emulate within the poundage you can use.



i pray to god thats sarcasm....


Not pulling bf percent from my a**. I know how to get checked with calipers although its been 2 months I'm sure I haven't changed. I'm not interested in some gay bodybuilding routine that has you training arms
and chest excessively. I think most trainees put too much effort into these lifts. I focus on getting better and stronger
at compound movements. Thanks for all the insults and vague responses. Anyone could call a routine dog shit but it takes someone with a half a brain to tell me why and obviously this board has alot of arm pumping fat bellied bench pressing wusses. Good bye and enjoy your arm curls and disproportionate selves. I have decided I'm happy with my 6.0 185 lb self and have desire to become anything like mist of the hard headed people on this board. Not meaning g you savage nation. Your the first person. Who didn't fling throw some generic comment out there.


That big arm comment really upset you big guy. Your right I wouldn't think my arms are large either if I had a belly like that. Try cutting the carbs and maybe you could see some abs in there.oh but wait you are the know bit all that pro ably has himself convinced that you are the sh##.


You are completely delusional about your physique. You should never think your arms are big at 185 pounds being 6'. You come here asking for advice while at the same time touting your badass body. If your body is so good and you are happy with it, why did you fucking come here asking for advice?

I could deadlift, bench, and squat more than you with my dick.


Oh man that was good!!!!!


bump for the lulz


Smh... Cross fitters... Good bump, this thread was full of laughs.


Yep that's me to the T. Your the shit and totally jacked I apologize for even almost giving you advice that would work.


hey gulfster33 im very curious to know of much of weight you put on these 16 weeks..