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Equipoise Blast on TRT. Experienced Users' Advice?

Hi, 38 on TRT because of 15 years of bodybuilding experimenting most of the compounds out there. I know well about equipoise and tried different dosage but never over 12 weeks. For this blast I’d like to have input of vets to compare both as my regular 500/12 weeks : 12 weeker @ 500 or 16 weeker @ 300-350 with my TRT dosage 100mg per week. I’m sitting at 12% bf for 175 pounds 5’8” ( started training 126pounds very small frame ) My goal is a body recomposition more than a goal to obtain “ X “ weight. Thanks for your valuable inputs

Depends what look you are going for. Definitely 16 weeks for EQ. I used to do 200mg of test, 375mg of EQ per week, for a nice classic bodybuilding look. Just doing TRT at the moment.
As you are just using 100mg of test/wk, I would go for 500mg of EQ/week option, for 16weeks.

Thanks for your input. I was looking for 300-350 for 16 weeks as it’s the EQ I have for the moment. If I go for 500 I’ve only for 12 weeks frontload included both ways. My diet is 6 days a week low carbs and one day of clean glycogen supercompensation. I’ll drop easily to 10% within 4 weeks then I will drop to 8 with little dose of clenbuterol and 5 last weeks 150/150 test prop/ tren ace.

You should be fine for 16weeks at 350mg. Probably better to try that first, then you can assess if you need to increase it next cycle. I’ve had eq kick in at week 3, but most of the time it took about 8 weeks to notice the effect.

Thanks. As for kick in, my first cycles I didn’t frontload and felt full effect around 7-8 week mark too. I front loaded my 2 last cycles and feel that I gain a good 2 weeks on the effects to show. This cycle is already on week 3 with 650 the first 2 weeks, so normally I should notice the effects in 1-2 weeks despite dosage is low. I don’t know if you like it too, but I like keeping my TRT dose or no more than 200 with other compounds. That let me feel the compound better. I also don’t like AI as I’m in Canada and bloodworks needs a script from a Doc and HE receive the results, so adjusting a AI on the radar is a two edge sword. I made it multiple times, but don’t take that chance anymore.