Equipoise as an Anabolic Addition to a Cycle?

What is your experience with equipoise?
I love the gains of test, but I want to minimise the negative sides like hair thinning, acne, hair growth on my back. I was thinking a cycle with 100-200mg of test and 500-600mg of an anabolic.
I don’t want to go anywhere near Deca. Primo is too expensive to use for the majority of mg’s per week in a cycle. I guess that really only leaves EQ as a primarily anabolic agent?

Surely someone has used EQ?

EQ is…odd at best. It caused me some high anxiety at a low dose so I dropped it quick. You want low sides like no hair loss, then avoid masteron. Otherwise test, or test and deca is a killer combo. Just cycle on and off to avoid long term sides.

Plus, not knowing who you go to for your chemicals…eq is a liquid at room temperature and a pain to deal with. It has some great collagen synthesis qualities but so does deca or hgh.