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Equipoise and Winstrol

I’m currently running a 600mg/week 12 week test e cycle with a 1,200mg front load. I’m planning to add 50mg/day winstrol to last 4 weeks of cycle IV been told that adding equipoise would result in better results my question is if this is true how much equipoise should I run with that much test and winstrol

Most people agree that EQ needs to be run fairly long. So if you’re already into a 12 week cycle you’re simply going to ran out of time to get the most out of it. Hold off and use it on another cycle where you can plan to maximize it. It’s not something that you can sort of haphazardly throw in whenever.

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Good to know…how about the winstrol ? I’ve heard that can be ran 4-8 weeks I’d prefer to run it last 4 weeks at 25mg x2 daily is that worth it or should I run it for longer

Winstrol yes, EQ no for the reasons Iron_yuppie mentioned.

4 weeks is fine.

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Thanks guys and iron_yuppie you gave me some feedback a couple weeks ago on running hcg at 500 2x/week pct …iv been reading that some people recommend to start the hcg last 2 weeks of cycle and stop 1 week before pct so in my case this would be 500 2xweek for week 11&12 of cycle then the 13th werk would be just 500 x2 hcg then my nolva 40/40/20/20 starting week 14. Is there any truth to this idea or is it best to just start the hcg for 3 weeks at the same time as nolva on 14th week

So I just reread the answer I gave and I’d like to revise it. I didn’t see that your hCg question was in regards to pct. You run hCg during a cycle, but usually not post cycle. If you start it two weeks before pct that would be fine. But don’t try to run it while you’re off cycle. That’s what the SERM is for. HCg is there during cycle to keep your testes functioning. Once you’re into pct you don’t need it because the SERM is supposed to be restarting your system.

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Thanks for info! So far I’m 5 days into cycle and have gone from 200lbs to 210 on scale so def holding some serious water I’m debating bumping my adex up from. .25 EOD to…5 EOD… Altho I’m hesitant because I’m not really having any other signs of high E besides what I just stated. And IV read it can take a week or so for adex to properly build up and start working… Any thoughts? Sorry for all the question but Iv read your advice to others on this forum and it seems very knowledgeable