Equipoise and Turin Cycle?

hey folks,any thoughts on running these two items together for a cycle.I realise most here insist on a test base,i was just curious if there would be any merit in a cycle of say 400mg of eq and 40-50mg daily of turin.

Im looking at it from the perspective of a guy in his late 30’s who isnt looking to blow up over night(ive trained 23 years so far naturally)but also wish to avoid any unneccessary sides.

How long do you intend to run these compounds? Also include some stats, height,weight and lifting #s.
I’ve ran both these drugs but never together as the only drugs in a cycle. I really don’t see anything wrong with it but I think for your purposes you could find a better combination. There is probably somebody on this forum who has ran an EQ/OT cycle and could give you a better idea of the possible outcome.

Interesting combo. Never heard of that before. OT is supposed to be the ‘holy grail’ as far as orals are concerned, and both that and EQ are very clean and relatively mild drugs.

If you don’t want to blow up with mass too quickly, and want clean gains with minimum sides, I’d say it sounds pretty logical as a stack.