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Equipoise and Collagen?


Is there any proof that Boldenone increases collagen synthesis? Can someone please share their experiences with EQ? I have a moderate rotator cuff tear and I want to know if it will help.



No, I don't believe there's any proof. There's a post that has been widely quoted and re-circulated for years on BB forums indicating a very specific and high level of colllagen synthesis from boldenone use, but I'm convinced that it's BS. I've never seen an original reference on which it was based, nor any subsequent references on the matter, and furthermore personal experience doesn't support it.

There is a correlation between GH levels and collagen synthesis.


I have been looking on pubmed and google scholar for a week and I can't find anything about EQ increasing collagen. Also I could'nt find any studies that actually said that test inhibits collagen synthesis either.


I don't know if test inhibits collagen synthesis, though it's been suggested, and at supra-physiological doses I doubt it's well characterized. What is certain is that on cycle your (muscular) size and strength grow at a high rate, leaving your tendons and ligaments as the weak link.

Estrogen definitely plays an important, positive role in the process. A quick Pubmed search pulled up this article ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2674543/?tool=pubmed ) which
is a decent review of the effects of E & T, though it involves seniors, not young weightlifters. The included references might prove useful.