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I’m planning on setting up a home gym in my garage and I was wondering if you had any suggestiong on were I can get the best equipment for the best price? I want to get a power rack and a good olympic weight set. I was also thinking of getting a powerblock to use for dumbells, and a good bench that inclines and declines. Any websites I can visit or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks fellow T-men bro’s.

Check out ironmind and powerblock. Ironmind sells some high quality stuff that will last forever. Powerblock sells the adjustable dumbbell sets that don’t take up much room.

Hey Rollie,
Don’t forget to add a Chin Up and Dip Station. Nothing like some great looking wings on your back and some cool definition for your chest.
You could get them at any sportmart for around $125.00

NY Barbell has great mail order prices, and a huge selection. But pick up a couple of the big circulation bodybuilding mags, such as Ironman and Muscle & Fitness, and go through some of those ads. They all have websites. Big sporting goods stores, and surprisingly, big Sears stores can also give you good buys (esp. as you save on shipping).

Do a search for BODY SOLID - You’ll find several online compaines that sell it for $279 including shipping & handling. I use it, it’s great (they also have a pro model that’s a little wider). Also, make sure you don’t skimp on the utility bench - You’ll pay $200+ for a good one - I have a Parabody multi-angle util bench, it’s solid as a rock. Avoid the cheap shit like Big Fitness or CAP barbell - they suck.

You may want to re-think that powerblock idea. I have a set of their professional model and I gotta tell you the quality is shit. they do not fit the notches correctly the poundages even seem off. I am not happy with that purchase. I would look for an actual set if you have room if space is a problem you may want to look at bar then clam. Believe it or not Model’s has some great deals on stuff like what you are looking for. I found a leg-up, dip, pullup, and extended pushup rig for 78 bucks. And it holds my 200+ lbs ass. The previous post that says do not go cheap on the bench is NO SHIT. I am still paying for that mistake. Keep the faith.

I agree with Knuckledragger - pass on the powerblocks, go with dumbells. Hell, it’s 10x more efficient to add solid dumbbells for various weight ranges (vs changing them all the time), and usually cheaper (if you look hard in your area you can find them for about 40cents a pound.

I don’t know the brand, but there is a type of dumbbell that has flat caps on the ends; you load these end pieces up with free weight plates, then slide them into the handle, where they lock. This gives you the functionality of the Powerblocks (i.e., you can set them on your thighs–vital for getting into position on presses–and you can fairly quickly change weights) at a much lower cost. You can also alter the weights in smaller increments (using the smallest plates you can find), or keep the dumbbells purposefully unbalanced (such as when you want to stress the supination portion of a curl). I’d still get Powerblocks if I had the money, however.

Body Solid rules. OK this is the gear…a power rack with the pullup bar and dip attachments, olympic bar and 300 lbs a GREAT adjustable bench (with a curl pad attachment)…I agree with everyone…dont skimp here!! The last thing I added was a bodysolid station machine that does pulldowns, chest flyes, leg extentions, leg curls and allows you to hook up to the low and high cables. I threw in a cambered bar, and I have the perfect home gym. My total cost with everything was about $900 Bodysolid makes great products that hold up real well…they are a bitch to assemble…but hey, you can’t have everything!

I’ve been using powerblocks for about a year and they have worked well for me. I have a power rack and just bought a plate loaded lat pull/row station. I built a dip station from pipes and L-joints purchsed at home depot. One thing I would add is an anti-burst swiss ball, you could use it for almost all DB exercises and it could be used as a preacher bench for curls.