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Equipment: Where Can I Get These?


I have a home gym and my dumbbells are the crappy newbie kind. Not only are the grips sliding around but I can't get the weight much over 100lbs.

Where can I get something like what Kroc uses here? My google-fu must be shit because I can't find it.


Anyone know?


i have no idea, but what exactly are you looking for? do you want 300lb dumbells? what specific weights are you looking for?


Im going to guess they where custome made.


Dumbbells that have the potential to go up to 300lbs sure. I'm not near that level, but I'm past the 100lb mark on 1 arm rows.

@Bulldog - I've seen a lot of different videos that appear to have dumbbells with 10 pounders that can be continuously stacked on the sides upwards of 300lbs. If they are custom made, a lot of people have them and I want them too!


powerblocks go up to 165lbs


heres a link by someone looking into getting powerblocks


Thanks for the suggestions. Very nice but that shits out of my price range.

I'm talking bar w/plates. Doesn't look like anything fancy, just holds more weight.


Not sure if the following fits the bill. But run a search on Amazon.com for Olympic Dumbbell or Olympic Dumbbell Handles. These are not sold directly by Amazon but by a third party. Item description claims a 500 lb capacity, but uncertain if it corresponds to one dumbbell or split between the two (e.g. 250 lb each or 500 lb each). One of the available Olympic dumbbell description reads:

* Precision engineered, 20 inch, 12 lbs with 6 inch olympic sleeve, chrome finish.
* precision screw ends with thread locker, for long term usage.
* 500 pound capacity, sold as one PAIR. Collar not include.

Olympic 20 inch Dumbbell Handle

Olympic Dumbbell Handles sold as Pair


I'm not sure if you have Olympic or standard plates, you didn't specify. But if they are standard plates, you can just go to home depot/lowe's and buy some 3/4" steel pipe(i think it's this size, bring a plate to check). It's really cheap and you can cut it to whatever length you would need. 18-20" is plenty to get a bunch of plates on there. You can just used some little hose clamps to keep a "grip" area and as clips.

Kroc's are custom made, but same idea.