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Equipment Specificity


What is the difference in distance from the ends of the plates with calibrated vs. regular iron plates? It can’t be a huge difference. The other thing is that a lot of plates are 44 cm and calibrated plates are usually 44cm.


Do you compete? Which fed?


I’m competing in 3 weeks, Gonna be a ipf affiliate.
Also, travelling to a gym that has proper equipment doesnt really seem worth it at this point in time


I think IPF is the only fed that uses a stiff bar for deadlifts so you are in luck, I doubt the bumper plates would make any difference unless you were either using a really whippy bar or pulling maybe 600+.


The plates I used at my last gym, starting with two 100s then 45s would barely fit the 775 I loaded. With calibrated plates I could mostly likely easily fit 4 more 25kg plates per side after loading 775 ish


This shit ain’t rocket science. Give me a non-slip platform, and good spotters and I’m a happy camper. Everything else, I can adapt to on the fly.

I sometimes use different bars in the gym (even the crappy warped ones), and use different benches, sometimes using a loose bench in the rack because I don’t believe you should become attached to equipment. There is no way to predict what the equipment is like.

Deal with it and do your best with what they have.


The more resources the better but with a regular bar, a decent bench pad and a squat rack you can do about anything.


I went from going to my gym that has nice bars, and steel calibrated/non calibrated plates, to training at my friend’s crossfit box (for his powerlifting program there). I couldn’t get in my groove honestly. The barbells were beat the fuck up and I don’t foresee myself doing anything more than 405 with the big bumper plates.