equipment recommendation

Anyone out there have a recommendation on a particular brand of food dehydrator? Any particular model to look to buy or look to avoid?

I am attempting to do more ‘real food’ meals and fewer MRPs. I currently do 3 whole food and 3 GROW shakes a day. Would like to make it more like 5 real food and 1 GROW, so I thought I’d take a shot at making some homemade jerky, and use that with some nuts for my mid afternoon P&F meal.

Please advise. Thanks!

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I did do my homework with the search engine prior to posting. Found only one reference a Mr. Coffee model.

I bought the Food Dehydrator by Mr. Coffee several years ago at Target for under 50 bucks. I’m not sure if they make them any more but you can do a search on the internet.

Thanks Lexie!

What were your thoughts on that brand/model? Did you like it? Did you keep using it? Was it easy to use/clean? Any specific feedback you can share?

When I researched this a few years back, I went with the Gardenmaster. It’s darn near infinitely expandable so you can dehydrate a whole tower of stuff…

Now if only the dishwasher in this house I just bought was big enough to hold the racks…cleaning those things by hand is a real annoyance.