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Equipment Question: What to Add Next?

I already have:

  • olympic barbell
  • axle
  • small adjustable db’s
  • small bb
  • sandbag
  • trap bar
  • log
  • keg
  • plates
  • will get a yoke which can be used as an adjustable rack mid September

I have access to a bench press which I do not own

If everything goes as planned I can get another piece of equipment in September and am now contemplating what to get. I was thinking either an adjustable bench which would give me the opportunity to do incline log presses and any kind of bench press or a SSB. Kettlebells would also be a possibility as well as an adjustable plyo/ squat box.
I am leaning towards a SSB but if anyone wants to suggest anything else, go ahead!

Shoulder Saver Pad
Swiss/American Press Bar
Bumper plates
Safety Squat Bar

All depending on how much $$$ you can spend.

Forgot bands, already have a good pair.
What is a shoulder saver pad? Is that one of those pads that people use for squatting?
Swiss bar sounds nice but would be pretty low on my priority list as I don’t have problems with regular benching and if I needed neutral handles I could use the log.
Bumper plates are great and I own a pair of 10 kg bumpers but they are really expensive.

About 200 € I guess.

Also forgot: The ground isn’t compatible with a sled, otherwise I would maybe even get that one over the SSB.

Eventswise, I’d say get a circus dumbbell. It’s really a whole different animal from a normal dumbbell. I made a DIY one out of plastic buckets and pipe for $30, but a real one would be infinitely better.

Gym equipmentwise, every strongman needs a SSB.

Fat gripz extreme/orange

Shoulder Saver. Neat tool that fits in a gym bag. I got it after a pec tear. Really improves close grip bench for triceps.

Atlas stones, tires , natural stones, harness.

Oh geez, how did I miss stones? Definitely get some stones.

Given what you have, this would be on my shopping list, in order of purchase:

  • farmers handles
  • log (real one, not that 6" toy you have)
  • stones
  • sled (I know you mentioned the ground issue but seriously, how far do you need to go to find a better track?)
  • axle (I’d actually probably buy this first on my next trip to the hardware store as its so cheap)
  • circus db
  • SSB
  • GHR

I’d just make plyo boxes. They are literally 1 saw and a bunch of screws drilled in if you get the right size wood.

@tsantos :

Farmer’s handles would have been on my list as well but I currently use my trap bar for carries. Farmer’s handles will absolutely be added but not now.

A bigger log would be a good idea but as I already have one I would rather get something completely new. I also know that @T3hPwnisher has a small log which he made into a bigger log. I might try that.

I did not have stones on my list at all to be honest. Problem would be I could only get one mould for now and I don’t know how much I would benefit from having a stone when I am not competing in the near future.

I could use the sled outside and it will have a high spot on my priority list but since I can’t use it in the winter I will probably get one next spring.

I do have a very good axle.

A circus db would not be high on my priority lift because it will be a long time till I can compete again and even when I do it seems to be very rarely featured in competitions here.

A GHR would really be a luxus-addition for me.

@bighdx : A, was really confused why someone would suggest a pad for squatting :smiley:

@strongmanjoe : Would freaking love tires but have no space unfortunately.

Also I forgot to mention something very important: My main goal needs to be to improve my static strength. That’s what really hinders me at the moment. Especially my lower body strength (deadlifting!). That is also why I was leaning towards a SSB.

Thanks for all your suggestions they are really helpful!