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Equipment Needs

ok i am looking for a squat rack that is cheap and the cheapest i can find is 129 dolllars(holds up to 500lbs)but i need one that has those things that come out of the sides to keep u from falling if u can’s get the weight up(i think they r called safety catches).

are those safety catches sold seperately? also i would like some suggestions on sites with quality squat racks for cheap. and i need a way to ensure i don’t kill myself on the bench press when im the only one home working out. Suggestions will be appreciated.

No way in hell would I buy a rack for $129 unless it was used.

Most racks will come with safety pins. Check out midwestbarbell.com and have a look at their racks. Although you are not going to find one for that cheap.

I wouldn’t go [that] cheap when it can be your life or limbs on the line. I can see rather spending 4-500 instead of dropping 1000plus, but $129…

Try and find something on Craigslist or ebay.

i’ll check that out, but the information says it holds up to 500lbs, its not a power rack, its just a squat rack with 2 stands. thanks for the website

i’ll give u an idea of waht it is im talking about, here it is http://www.amazon.com/PSS60W-PowerLine-Squat-Rack/dp/B000JIL1EM/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/105-6730563-4314828?ie=UTF8&s=sporting-goods&qid=1182891368&sr=8-1

You could make one out of wood - I bet there are tons of plans on the internet. Hopefully there are some plans made by real engineers who can put in a factor of safety.