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Equipment Help? Sleeves, Wraps, Belts

So i’ve been lifting without the use of straps, bands, wraps, belts, or any kind of supportive or assistive equipment and was wondering how much they actually help you out? And whether or not they are really needed? I was going for a deadlift pr today of 455 made it to the top, locked it out, and it then ripped right through my fingers and tore all my calluses off. Don’t really consider myself hitting it due to dropping the weights so ungracefully. Started thinking about wraps and how they would’ve really helped me out and that got me thinking about sleeves and wraps and belts and shit. Made me wonder how much would it help me out with my lifts and if I’d be able to improve faster or just plain lift more with all those things.

My current lifts age: 20 bodyweight: 158
Deadlift: 405
Squat: 315
Bench: 275

If your going to compete in Powerlifting then yes get a belt, perhaps some sleeves, these are after all the equipment used in the sport. The belt in my opinion is fantastic even if you never plan to complete, learning to brace your core and use the belt to push your stomach against helps me out a ton. They can be uncomfortable at the start no doubt but once broken in its a very useful tool.

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Every tool has a purpose but from the sounds of it you had terrible callous management. Get a pumice stone and rub those hands down when you shower after training. Your genitals and partners genitals will thank you.

Straps are a great tool but for many can become a crutch instead of fixing their weak grip ( if that’s truly an issue )

Belts are great for everyone, I like a lever belt personally.

Sleeves are great for warmth and some compression to protect the joint.

If you want to compete or just a nice ego boost, then use knee wraps (pending federation). They can give anywhere from 50-100 lbs depending on the wrap and person.

Deadlift - only belt, no other gear will help.

Bench - belt again will help, but really only if you arch. Wrist wraps are essential in keeping your wrists straight, which brings in better form and can push more weight.

Entirely your choice. Personally, I think a good lever belt, wrist wraps and knee sleeves are very useful. Straps can help but I rarely use them outside of torn callouses. Knee wraps if you compete with them, which I do - but I don’t like them much.