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Equipment Free Srength Training

In september I’m going travelling for two months. I get back on the 11th and on the 20th there’s a powerlifting competition in my city. I did my first one in July and I’d like to enter this one just to keep things ticking over. So basically I’d like some advice on how to train while I’m a way. I’ll try and get some gym access but that won’t be garanteed. The important thing is to maintain my strength. So any ideas on how to train for strength with no equipment (I may buy a band but I can probably only afford one)? Any help would be much appreciated.

You could try aquabells (try Google). They are water -filled dumbells designed to travel with. They hold up to 32 lbs. water. I have never tryed them, so don’t know what to tell you on that end. Also, most major hotel chains have pretty decent exercise rooms.


You might think about purchasing Pavel’s Naked Warrior book.

You can get a great workout using bodyweight exercises such as Pistols and 1-Arm Push-Ups.

Manipulation of tempo, base of support, and body mechanics can turn these two exercises into a decent training session.

You can get pretty creative with some Jump Stretch or Iron Woody bands to supplement these two exercies.

Hope that helps!

Yeah,I agree,Naked Warrior and Juan Carlos Santanas Body weight training vids.Good stuff.
How about Pistols,handstand pushups,door pull ups, single arm dive bombers, single leg leg curl/hip lifts one foot on a pillow on a chair or your bed, 2 chair dips (real ones, not the feet up triceps kind, supine lying knee twists, reverse crunches, single arm towel door knob rows, tick toks,etc. The list goes on…If any one thinks that these exercises cannot develop mass, at least while away from the weight room, then try em slow, try em for 100 rep sets (pull-dips combo comes to mind) There is actually some hard exercises you can do with a stability ball ( JC santanas’ stuff) and you can put that in a suitcase.Blowing it up using a vacuum pose type breathing pattern will work your abs quite well,really contract your abs as you force the air into the ball. If there is anything else I can help you think up,like for a bodt part in particular,lemme know.Good luck,zachariah

I have maintained my strength levels without weights for brief periods of time. Here is what I did:

  1. Pull-ups, it’s not that difficult to find a pipe, tree branch, swing set etc.

  2. Weighted Push-ups-Bring a 10lb or 20lb vest or plate with you. Place it on your back and you are in business.

  3. Squats with whatever you can hold in your arms. You can hold furniture, garden equipment etc. Sounds crazy but it works.

  4. Sit-ups, easy as hooking your legs under a chair or bed.

Good Luck,


Im pretty sure it’s impossible to train without an elliptical jogger and a Chuck Norris Total Gym, but I guess you can try. Don’t forget your weight belt!!

Get creative

There is all sorts of plyo drills that can help too

Altitude drops, plyo push ups, jump split squats, isoballistic push ups and jump squats,

You can use iso holds in various positions (iso dynamic method), tempo contrast sets, just plain old holds in positions, slow eccentric push ups, chins, squats, natural Glute ham raise

Read Christian Thibaudeaus articles for tons of various rep protocols.

really the list is endless

I’d try to do

1 hard/heavy movement (chins with weight or hand stand push up),

1 explosive plyo movement (Single response plyo push up), and

1 repetition movement ( Chin Iso hold in 3 positions 20 sec/position and iso dynamic decline push ups)

Do something similar for legs and you’ll be ok

i second kbattis with the naked warrior book.

good luck

Don’t get the Naked Warrior book. It won’t give you enough for what you want.

It focuses on the one-legged squat and one-arm push-up and a few variations that have been discussed on T-mag.

You’re better off using those exercises and some others that were mentioned to come up with something on your own. It will definitely hold you over until you get back to the weights.

Here are a few good ideas:

One-legged squats (and variations)
One-arm push-ups (and variations)
Handstand push-ups
Explosive iso-squats with a 4-second pause

Also, do a search for “Body by Fish.” He’s linked on Mike Mahler’s web site. Good bodyweight stuff.