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Equipment For The Home?


I am looking to get a bench and weight set for my house. My first question relates to the weight set. What is the biggest difference between an iron weight set and a weight set made from rubber (other than the fact that one would look like I am benching the rainbow)?

My second question is about the bench. Walmart has a Golds Gym bench


that has everything that I would like including the ability to use it for doing squats. Has anyone used this bench or heard anything about it? I would think that because it is a product of Golds Gym that it would be decent equipment but then it is Walmart who is selling the product.

Thanks in advance


If it's anything like the Golds Gym equipment sold in the UK then I wouldn't trust it, they look flimsy as hell.

The safest bet would be to look on Ebay and try to pick up gym quality equipment 2nd hand.

It might cost a bit more but it's a hell of a lot safer and will last for years.