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Equipment For Sale!!!!


Hey I should have posted this earlier but a guy I know has come across some times and decided to shut his gym down and is selling it all. Some has sold some has not. The end of the month what ever hasnt sold we have to move and they will use as personal equipment.

if you look in this link scroll thorough the pics the ones that still show a pic are the ones for sale still and it has prices etc.


Oh its in the Kansas City area

All is commercial grade equipment in great condition. all equipment is white with red padding or white with black padding.

Maxicam free-weight pieces
Maxicam Olympic flat bench
Maxicam flat dumbbell (meaning moveable without uprights for a bar) bench (2)
Maxicam decline dumbbell bench
Maxicam adjustable flat-incline-vertical dumbbell bench
Maxicam dip/pullup station
Maxicam dip/knee raise station
Maxicam preacher curl bench
Maxicam seated calf
Maxicam seated military/front press bench (with J-hooks in front and back)
Maxicam 45 degree hyper extension

Ivanko dumbbells 5 lbs-130lbs (5 lbs increments)
Ivanko color coded calibrated competition plates: blue 20k-6 pairs, red 25k 3 pairs, black 10k 3 pairs

Body-solid selectorized machines
Peck Deck
Smith machine
Seated chest press
Seated shoulder press
Seated preacher curl
High/mid pull down row (300 lbs stack)
Cable crossover
Leg extension
leg curl

Quantum plate laoded
Abdominal crunch machine
Chest supported T-bar row (spider bench)
Standing calf raise

1 custom made pull down/ seated row with 300 lbs stack

1 45 degree leg press. (castor type sled, light commercial grade, good condition, brand unknown)

1 Cybex smith machine

1 set of 3 gorgeous hand made track hurdles

Misc. curl bars and olyimpic bars

3 commercial grade treadmills (cant remember the brand, but it�??s a name brand!)

Approx. 60 4x6x3/4 black rubber mats.

To contact Dave call 816 808-5994



You should jump on this ASAP.


YES! There was a set on ebay near me last week and it was all I could do to restrain from going deeper in debt


Just bumping for interest


He lower all the prices on the stuff thats left maybe worth checking out. scroll through the pics and whats left will be pictured with prices