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Equipment for Sale in Ohio


New member here but I am around on several message boards. I wanted to also give you all a heads up that I am looking to sell some nice equipment, including a great elite 3x3 rack, due to moving to a smaller house. I will attach the link on craigslist. I am located in west central Ohio.




hello there! welcome!


Damn I want it all. I wish I could buy it.

Why are you selling it?


My buddy found this on Craigslist and showed it to me. Its awfully expensive for second hand equipment, though.

Does the decline bench just adjust between decline and flat only?


thanks guys! I like the site, lots of good information. I am just selling it because I am moving into a smaller house and don't have the space for it right now.


i wish so bad i had the money for this, i cant tell you how sick of lifting at the college rec center i am


I agree it's not cheap but it's cheaper than I paid and it's been well taken care of. Not to mention it's a rack that is built to last and you will save a ton in shipping as opposed to buying it direct.

The decline bench only adjusts to differing decline angles but is very sturdy. I have used it for heavy decline press in the rack with no issues whatsoever.


Where are you in Ohio bro?


where are you from man?


Dayton area.


Cool man! I went to UD for my Masters. I am about an hour north of there.