Equipment Check

Okay, this has been covered in bits and pieces over the forum, but I thought I’d start a thread to put everyone’s thoughts in one place. I’d like to know what everyone’s using as far as powerlifting gear is concerned, what you would like to get, and your thoughts in general.

  1. Bench shirts

I tried ordering a double poly, but I’m going to send it back (too small). I’m looking at going to a double denim, and I’m trying to decide between Inzer and Karin. Karin’s received a lot of hype, especially from the Militia folk, but I was wondering if anyone here had used one.

  1. Squat suits

I’m thinking of going Metal. I’m hearing that they’re pretty easy to put on and provide great support. It was suggested that I get their Pro suit.

  1. Deadlift suits

Do most people use their squat suits for this or not? This is third on my list behind a bench shirt and squat suit. I’m doing pretty well in just a belt.

  1. Squat/power briefs

I’ve got a pair from Frantz, but I’m really wondering if they’re too small on my legs. Steve likes my meaty thighs.

  1. Erector shirts

Anybody use these?

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I compete in the USAPL, so i wear a Titan Custom Dual Quad for squatting, a Titan custom deadlift suit for deads, and a single ply Inzer HPHD for bench. I love Titan’s products , but there customer service is just about the worst you can get, so I hesitantly recommend them only for the quality of their gear. If you deadlift conventional you may want to get a deadlift suit , but if you deadlift sumo you might be better off with your squat suit. Either one will work if your short on money. I have heard that the Metal deadlift suits are very similar to the old marathon suits which were supposed to be great for deadlifting.

ERECTOR shirts.

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I’ve heard only good things about the Metal briefs. They’re a little spendy, but worth every penny.

As for bench shirts. I’m definitely going to go with a Karin DD. Inzer has been a dick lately and I really feel uncomfortable giving that ass any more $$.

For deadlifts/squats, definitely Metal.

1)Inzer Radical Double Denim

2)Metal Single ply squat suit. I use a z suit during training and like it also. Thinking of selling my single ply metal suit and buying a double ply metal at a smaller size.

3)I wore my Metal Single ply suit for the deadlift last time. I dont think it helps any but it feels really tight at the bottom so i “think” it helps.

4)I have Inzer Power Pants double. I want to either get a pair of Metal Briefs and a double z suit or stay with the briefs i have and get a double metal suit. Its a toss up right now.

5)I dont think anybody really uses these. Ive seen one from all the meets ive been to.

oh, and if you see Jared, he’ll want to check your “equipment” if ya know what I mean.

i have a karins shirt. the thing about karins to me is that they take every single possible measurement possible. their also really really good people. they actually want the shirt to work 100% for you and will do everything they can to get it that way. i also have an inzer, which is a good shirt too. i just prefer the karins personally.

many guys in my gym use karins, and many use inzers. it’s all personal pref.

I have never worn an erector shirt , but I have been told that they can restrict your ability to stick your chest out and breath properly. I have a hard enough time trying to breath under max effort squats with a tight suit on.

man, little rant… i hate how you can’t edit stuff on this site. ok i’m done.

anyway, groove briefs:

for training i use an old pair of inzer regular groove briefs, just for hip/groin protection. for meets i use metal groove briefs. one word - AWESOME.

  1. Bench shirts

I prefer an Inzer radical cut double denim for the feds I compete in. Karin’s shirts seem to be decent, but from what I’ve witnessed with others in my gym and the experiences they have relayed to me, Inzer gets my vote. This is based not only on performance, but also customer service.

  1. Squat suits

Right now I use a Frantz poly, but I will probably make the move to canvas in the next year or so. Judging by my Metal briefs, Metal suits might also be a good choice (in your case, Jared).

  1. Deadlift suits

To answer the original question, yes, some people do pull in their squat suits. Some use deadlift suits, some briefs and suits, some just a belt. I like to pull in my squat suit, though it probably isn’t doing all that much for me.

  1. Squat/power briefs

My Metal briefs seem to be working just fine for me. You can keep your thighs to yourself, Jared.

  1. Erector shirts

Never used one, but haven’t heard too many positive experiences from using them. I have a hard enough time pulling in my squat suit and keeping my speed out of the bottom…I don’t want another “item” to get used to that might slow me down.

Bench shirt- The only denim I have used in comp is a frantz 2denim, it got me my first 400 bench so I was happy, single ply I use the Inzer ehphd, its preey good if you get it really tight, if I compete in the APF or IPA wich I will this winter probally, ILL try an Inzer radical double denim because i can get them cheap.

squat suit- for the USAPL have used the hardcore it was good only one complaint it felt like had to bring my stance in, I have metal v-type for training having tailored right now, meal breifs are great I have heard…to expensive for me right now so I train in the Metal suit bottoms and Titan breifs.

Deadlift suit- I pull in the hardcore works well

I compete USAPL so I am limited to single ply polyester.

I use:

Shoes: Addidas ironwork

Squat suit: NXG+ Dual Quad
Bench shirt: Titan Fury
Deadlift Suit: NXG+Dual Quad

Wrist wraps and knee wraps: Titan THP

Deadlift shoes: Wrestling shoes

The deadlift suit works better than my ‘Marathon’ Deadlift suit.

hope that helps

Hey beefcake, how do the new THP wraps compare to the Inzer wraps?