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Equipment At Home


well these past couple weeks i've been so busy i can only make it to the gym around two days a week. i cycle to alot of places, so that's some physical activity. this summer i'm also going up north and i will be there for two months, 300 km from my gym.

so i've decided that i'm going to buy some equipment that i can use at home and up north at my cottage. could somebody tell me the essential equipment i need so i can keep weight training? i have pretty much nothing at home right now except two 10s, two 15s, and a 25 barbel. any help would be appreciated, thanks.


All you need are some dumbbells, and maybe a pull-up bar, to get a full body workout.


First thing I would buy would be a OLy bar and 300 lbs of weight. Can be had at Many places sporting goods, sears, walmart, etc for $100. You can get a hell of a workout with just that and some drive and imagination. The Id add a power rack and bench. Then some oly plate loaded db's and your golden.