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Equipment Advice, Olympic Dumbbells and Plates


OK, so I have a major ‘thing’ for dumbbell clean and presses, but I’ve outgrown my standard weights set. What I need to know is where to get olympic dumbbell handles and plates, and some sort of direction on what plates I should get. The plan is ultimately to aim for a bodyweight (that is, both dumbbells add up to bodyweight) dumbbell clean and press. I weight 94.6kg, so I’m gonna round up to 100kg. Also, if you think this is retarded please do make your feelings known.


I don’t think their is anything ‘retarded’ about your plan.

Also, with regards where to get oly plates & dbs…just look on ebay, you’ll find their is a fair bit of variance in price, though I would say the quality of most oly plates is generally pretty good, so it really just depends how much you are willing to pay really. Just shop around really.


Fair enough. I’m trying to be as cheapskate as possible as money is tight (although I’m aware last time I did that I got lumbered with a crappy standard bar for ages), so ebay seems like a good idea. Thanks.