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I was curious what people thought about equi-bolan from Impact Nutrition. It is suppose to convert to boldenone and be orally active (about 10% of the given dose gets in the bloodstream).

It is an interesting product. Bill Llewellyn, the designer of it, was kind enough to send me some. I actually did not notice anything orally BUT I want to stress that I did not give it a long term trial, and furthermore I’m spoiled by other things. A steroid novice may for all I know derive significant benefit from it, and I would not be surprised at all if milligram for milligram it is better than oral-4-AD powder. (Certainly it would have to be better than androstenedione powder.)

We were actually seriously considering “Equisol” at one point, an Androsol-like product using equidione rather than 4-AD,
but testing showed it to be inferior to either Androsol or Nandrosol, so the “Equisol” project was discontinued.

It’s a product that if you’re interested
and can afford it, it certainly would be interesting to try… I’d use at least 300
mg at least four times per day, keeping everything else (training, diet, sleep) the
same, give it a good six weeks, take some time off still keeping everything else the same, and then try it again.(If other things are changing also, or you try other things, there’s no way to tell whether the favorable results, if any, were caused by the product, or not.)

so bill, you are saying it may be a good chemical, but have delivery problems like the rest? any reason why the equisol was not as effective? were you not able to achieve as high blood levels as you wanted? or did androsol just out perform it, due to reasons unknown?

We didn’t measure blood levels. I think the way you put it, “Androsol just outperformed it, for reasons unknown” is the best way to put it.

I don’t know whether the limited performance of the Equibolan when taken orally was due to delivery problems or limits to conversion, but I’d suspect the latter because the topical delivery of the “Equisol” could not have failed to have delivered a lot through the skin.

Am I saying that their figure of 10% conversion is not right? No. However, the percent converted can vary according to dose. It may be that with a given dose, 10% is converted, but with a far larger dose, only a little more is converted – the amount of enzyme being the limiting factor – and so the percentage would drop greatly if that were the case. Speculation, given that we did not do blood tests. I think it would be very interesting, if people are interested in trying alternative prohormone products to Androsol and Nandrosol, for them to try this one… it’s possible that it’s better than it seemed to me.