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Equi-Bolan updates

I was wondering how the Equi-Bolan supplement was working for those who were trying it. Any gains, any side effects?


I put on 7 lbs in two weeks, increased vascularity, and muscle hardness. I think that it is a worth wild product.

Something I’d like to point out about Equi-Bolan is that its ingredient, which I call equidione (I don’t know if anyone else has given a name to it: Equi-Bolan is not the name of the molecule but rather the brand name of the supplement) yields a Class I steroid, boldenone. This is in distinction to 4-AD or nor-4-AD which are Class II and don’t really yield that much testosterone or nandrolone on conversion, relying almost entirely (about 90% I’d say) on the Class II diols themselves for “therapeutic” effect.

So, if Equi-Bolan does give effective levels of boldenone, it could definitely be recommended to Androsol or Nandrosol users. (In the meantime till we come out with some even cooler stuff, that is! :slight_smile: