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Equal Vs. Splenda PWO


I have access to tons of packets of equal and splenda at the restarautn i work and unfortuantley i dont have any dextrose and malodextrim at the moment for my PWO shake. so would it be wise to take equal which has, ingr. dextrose w/ malodextrim, asparatame or splenda ingr dextrose maltodextrim, sucralose ?

would it be a good decision to put these a couple packts of either one on my PWO drink along with my other ingredients like powder gatorade etc? or just leave it out?


Each 1g packet contains slightly less than 1g of digestable sugar. Even if it were pure sugar, adding a couple (2-3?) packets of sugar wouldn't do much for the nutritional content of the shake, except adding 10-15 Calories. Just go with what tastes better to you.



whoa nelly.....

I would stick with using straight up sugar instead of equal or splenda for PWO. By using artificial sweetners you're basically selling yourself short on multiple fronts, the most basic is the calorie consumption, the second is the insulin response that you get with the sugars.

Also, in order to get a decent amount of sweetner out of those packets, you'd need like 40 of them per PWO drink... that's a pretty high dose of aspartame or sucralose to be ingesting multiple times a week.

Even if they say that it doesn't cause cancer, odds are taking that much in per day isn't as safe a bet for your health vs not injesting that much artificial sweetners.

a cheapo alternative is gatorade mix, you can get a pretty big tub of this stuff at costco or normal size things of the powder at the grocery store... don't forget to mix in some protein (this will taste aweful!)


Why would you want to add a non-caloric sweetner to your post-workout? Just use table sugar or some other fat-acting carb source.

Gatorade will work, but it's not the best choice since it does not illicit a rapid insulin response. It was formulated for a more moderate response. Check out their website for details on this.


If all you're looking for is taste it's kinda up to you. But neither will impart the same benefit as something like dextrose.

They're artificial sweeteners.

You'd get a benefit closer to that of dextrose just using table sugar. Plus it'd be a lot easier than tearing open 50 little packets.


Due to living in England and being a student, I've had to make do with orange-flavoured whey protein plus Lucozade powder (similar to Gatorade) for my PWO drinks. The taste is good with ice-cold water, and I found myself looking forward to it after working out.

I can see how strawberry gatorade with vanilla protein would be disgusting, but if you combine the right flavours, there's no reason for it to taste bad.

To the original poster: ditch the artificial sweetners, there's no point to adding them in.


what about gatorade mixed with dextrose?

or is water and maltodextrin better?

does having a lower GI sugar like gatorade decrease performance?


Some of the gatorades ar OK some are crap varies from flavor to flavor you have to check the label. Some are sweetened with HFCS. Dont go for those.


You need carbs PWO. Put real sugar in there, not fake stuff.


lemon lime flavored gatorade like what's sold at costco tastes like crap when mixed with just about any form of protein. Is it bad enough to make you puke? no. is it delicious? absolutely not. it's somewhere in between (towards the crap end of things)