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equal sweetener for post workout?

hey ya’ll…i just picked up a box of equal to sweeten my coffee in the morning as a sugar alternative… and i noticed that it’s made up of dextrose, maltodextrin, and aspartame. would this be good to add to my Biotest LC Grow shake postworkout? if so…how many packets of this would be the right measurement…it 1g per packet.

i did a search and found a few posts on the subject but nothing clear cut. altho i know dex/maltodex. is akin to what’s in Surge. thanks :slight_smile:

somehow i get the feeling that using 1g packets is going to be a little inefficient. you would need roughly 60-80 packets for an effective pwo shake. why not just buy some malto and or dextrose by bulk?

Nope, not practical. Why not just buy the Grow with carbs?

ack. ok. bad idea. 60 packets?? so how is Surge not sickly sweet? does that much dex/malto not contribute to the taste factor that much? thanks for the info :wink:

dont know about dextrose but malto is virtually tasteless.