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Equal Rights, Equal Lefts

I’ve lost count of how many times pretty much an identical video has been posted on this site.

I think we’re all in agreement - you shouldn’t hit chicks but if she’s really wailing on you then you are justified in retaliating.

We don’t really need to see any more videos of it.


Oh man I started cracking up when he finally had enough. But hey, if they want to be equal so badly, they gotta deal with the bad part of being equal and that means showing men some respect and dealing with the consequences. Granted for all I know, he could’ve cheated on her with all her best friends, sisters, her mom, brother and maybe even daughter but unless you don’t want to get hit back, don’t start it. Sad part is she probably could’ve gotten away unharmed if she stopped after the 10th hit.

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I don’t know man … It wasn’t really in any kind of self defense. It didn’t look like she could have legitimately hurt him nor was she trying to.

He wailed on her, and, when he did, he was on the offensive. When he decided to strike her she had already tried to separate herself from the situation.

Should she have struck him? Nope. Is what he did justified? Nope. There was too much time between her abuse of him to justify how he hit her. Again, it did not appear he struck her in self-defense. It looked more out of anger/emotion and/or inebriation. At no point did I think he was ever in any real danger to warrant that response.


From a legal stand point, I’m sure most people would side with you. Whether she was a male or not, the law would be on her side due to the fact that he took so long to do anything. However its about respect. If a man started to barrage you with slaps and punches, whether weak or not, it warrants retaliation.

So if a little jit starts kicking me in the shin, but its not dangerous, I’m just supposed to ignore it?

[quote=“polo77j, post:4, topic:218339, full:true”]
I don’t know man … It wasn’t really in any kind of self defense. It didn’t look like she could have legitimately hurt him nor was she trying to.[/quote]

Could have blinded him, trauma to the eye.

…but didn’t.

Could have is irrelevant in this case. We’re still talking about this case, correct?

Depends on the circumstance. We’re specifically talking about this situation, are we not?

In this situation, at no point did it seem like he was in any physical danger or was she trying to legitimately harm him. Doesn’t give her the right to hit him. If he was going to retaliate he would have done so probably when she put her hands on his throat (that’s when I would have). However, he didn’t. She gave up and walked away.

He then proceeded to block her from escaping the situation - at that point he became the aggressor. Plain as day. She even shifted her body language to one of defense. It was THEN he decided to hit her. In this case, he’s wrong. No way to justify it.

If you want to jump through mental loops to make yourself feel better and pervert the conversation, then by all means, do what you do. But make no mistake that I’m specifically talking about this case which was recorded. We both saw the same thing and THAT is what I’m talking about.

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What is he supposed to do? Wait for her to do serious damage then engage in self-defence?

You mean before or after he prevented her from getting in her car and leaving?

I’m not saying he’s right nor am I saying you’re wrong. Obviously if he wanted to retaliate, it should have been during the actual “attack” and he’s wrong to do it when she calmed down. What I’m trying to state, possibly poorly, is her gender doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get hit. She deserved to get struck the second she struck him. I thought we were talking about equality due to the title of the post.

Edit: And noone knows the background of the story unless they were somehow involved. So my interpretation of it was that he didn’t fight back initially because she was a woman. I could be wrong, it could be because he loves her or some bullshit. All I know if a man did that to another man, there would’ve been a brawl. The man in the video is wrong for not retaliating immediately. If they want equality so badly, that’s one of the things that need to change.

I don’t know about the second she struck him. I, personally, would have had to take control of the situation when she put her hand on the throat. Before that she was clearly emotional and posed no real threat(not an excuse to hit someone btw … we’re in the same boat on this I think). I think that’s where we differ.

You have more patience with those situations than I probably do but I think we’re on the same page.

Maybe … I’m looking at it from a weight/size perspective. He clearly outweighs her by a good 100 lbs and neither really know how to throw a punch (clearly as he just flails his arms like a big fuckin baby) and they’re both clearly emotional.

It’s a shitty situation to be in, both of them acted terribly and someone could have gotten seriously hurt. It’s an emotional situation that got out of hand - You can tell he felt terrible after he molly wopped her but that doesn’t negate that he did not strike her out of self-defense. She may have deserved a pop earlier on, but not then. And, in my opinion, not at the level he administered the beating (he really looked like an idiot flailing his arms the way he did).

I mean domestic violence is always a nasty situation. I agree they both reacted absolutely horrible however I also believe no law interference should happen. If they want to salvage what they have, they can do some couple therapy but I think it’d be best if they parted ways because that’s a huge hiccup to have in a relationship.

Haha unfortunately in a lot of street fights I have seen, it’s always someone who’s never been in a fight or is extremely desperate/scared that flings their arms like that. Also every girl on girl fight I’ve seen only had hair pulling and flailing arms.

Not cool… I’m sorry, but in that situation, I would’ve gotten in the car and drove off (leaving her ass there in the rain) the FIRST time she swung on me. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re cornered, try to get out of the situation and can’t… I can see popping her once (seriously, that’s all it would take), to put things in perspective, but literally beating her unconscious was completely uncalled for.

Could have killed her, head trauma.

Sure, she was out of line hitting him… but it was his fault for taking it, and it was his fault for retaliating to such a degree.

Yeah, pretty much… I mean, I’ve forgotten more about unarmed combat than most will ever learn… I could easily hospitalize just about anyone I meet… but do you think I do? Nope… it’s my policy to walk away from fucktards. In fact, I haven’t had a physical altercation in the last 15 years that required more than one blow to resolve–I’ll take it a step further and say even the handful of blows I have delivered, I deeply regret… because not one of them was truly self defense (in the sense that my ego or temper escalated it to physical confrontation), and on more than one occasion people really got hurt (like broken bones/permanent damage hurt).

If you think it’s okay to hurt people for the sake of your ego… you’re either immature, or a delusional scumbag.

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Who is the initiator of fight? Guy or girl?

Which portion? Before or after he prevented her from leaving? You still haven’t answered that.

They both took the role of the aggressor and the fact you can’t see that tells me everything I need to know about this discussion and your view.

Something else we’re overlooking - we have no idea what happened to cause this altercation. Not one fucking clue. For all we know he could have threatened her immediately before…but that’s speculation.

All we do know is they both acted as the aggressor without prior knowledge of events we do not know who initiated it.

I actually stated that noone knew the real story in my edit on my third post.