Eqouipose 1000mg/ml

Had a friend recently bring a this product to my attention. It sounds horrible and have never ever heard of such a concentrati9on. I have seen EQ and Deca at 400 and have heard about it at 500, but, 1000mg/ml and it is not a typo. Any one ever heard of this or used it?

Sounds fishy to me, I’m not convinced there’s such a thing.

I did find a source the other day that sells EQ at 500mg/ml, which I think I might get for my next run. I’m intrigued by a low test, high EQ approach.

My next bulk is going to be a moderate test / high EQ… while 1000mg/ML would save some vial space, it sounds suicidal if it is true. The pip alone would kill you.

Thats what I figured too that is why I was wandering if any one had used such a concentration or even heard of it.

well if you do find it mate, I’ll take a few vials off your hands!