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EQI's/Loaded Stretching


Great new video on Thibsarmy!

These are done at the end of the workout right? Finally a good use for rings? (you nodded your head to gymnasts first incorporating this in their routine/training)

Lats/back: Hang with super heavy weight from chinup bar

Pecs: Elevated pushup eqi (weighted?)

Arms: I can think of a dozen ring variations :slight_smile:

Quads: Sissy squat with plate hold?

Hammies: RDL hold?

Sorry for rush, couldn’t wait for next capsule to incorporate !


Can you explain how the stretching builds muscle mass? Does it affect mTor?


What would be the stretch for the delts?


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Can you explain how the stretching builds muscle mass? Does it affect mTor?

LOADED stretching builds muscle. Not regular stretching. This is from my presentation at the SWIS symposium this year.


For some reason the order is screwed up but it doesnt matter


Lying on the bench. A DB in each hand. Palms facing down. Lowering the DB toward the ground.


thank you for the comprehensive answer Coach :slight_smile:


Hi coach, quick question: when do you use eqi stretchs? At the end of a set example fly stretch at end of a set of db flies, or do all eqi’s at end of workout? Thanks


Might be missing the point here but whats the difference between loaded stretching and a isometric held in certain poses?

With benefits to muscle growth, strength, & performance these seem like quite powerful tools & should be incorporated in every workout/frequently?

And would a front lever, back lever, planche hold, iron cross/maltese, holds (pulses) etc. be considered eqi?


A loaded stretch IS a yielding isometric held in a position where the target muscle is at least somewhat stretched


Without a doubt. They are an extremely potent method for hypertrophy, performance enhancement and injury prevention


Front lever no, planche hold no, iron cross no, maltese, no, back lever yes. Since only in the back lever are the target muscle(s) in a stretched position.


Oh I see.

Ok I thought all those were EQI’s (tense contractions in ROM but it has to be at the END of the muscles ROM).

So for instance ring flye hold (with bent arms, like your pushup video example) would be as would hanging from a bar with lots of plates (for lats) for pecs & lats respectively



So should eqi’s be done for every bodypart every day?

For instance using best damn workout template, I would eqi chest/delt/tri & quads on day 1, then back/bi/hammies on day 2? Alll done at the end of teh workout or in between bodyparts?

thats a LOTTA stretching lol


Great video again from CT today on first muscle & stretches

I can see eqi style (for lower reps especially) being very very good in cueing tension for a specific muscle & stretching it for maximal gains


I also want to know the best time to apply the EQI’s


CT - Do you have any loaded stretches for the traps and upper back (power look area)? All I’ve used are the bottom of a shrug and letting the weight stretch my traps while leaning forward a bit. But I have not come up with other options yet. Thanks again.


Another loaded stretch question, CT: Is it still effective to perform a loaded stretch (3-4 sets of 30-45 sec) on a muscle that has not already been trained in the same session?


Merry christmas CT hope you enjoy some non inflammatory holiday foods (lol white fish & veggies?)

So given gym closing & family/friends over the holidays I’ve dedicated more training days to just rings.

Incorporating EQI & strength circuit mentality to challenging ring movements…just incredible.

For instance, a L-sit ring dip (torso pent forward), eqi in stretch position explode up 3-8 reps. Tucked planche and bent arm “fly” body into stretched position, same thing.

For pulls I do an L-sit wide grip ring chin (pause in bottom position) explode up 3-5 reps.

Horiztonal pulls similar idea for rows.

And then pump out ring curls/extensions. Creativity is the limit. Really helps the joints, improves overall body “health”/functioning and great way to separate heavy weight lifting sessions. Not to mention unique tension/stretch & pump…great tool to use for eqi/strength skill type reps.


Nah I actually had some roasted beef and 1 small bread roll (ok a little chocolate)… I actually often lose weight during the holidays.