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EQI Exercise Selection

Hey coach,

Just got finished watching your SWIS presentation on EQIs. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and I’m definitely going to give them a try.

I have a couple of questions regarding exercise selection:

-For the chest, would you recommend the push up position stretch over free weights, or is it just a matter of preference?

-If the push up stretch is used, how do you progress it if you find yourself able to hold it for over a minute, or is it simply a case of trying to create more tension?

-For a free weights stretch, do you prefer a flye-type stretch or a dumbbell bench-type stretch, or is it personal preference?

-Do you have guidelines on loading for the free weight exercises? Maybe you use a percentage of your max?

-For back, would you use a weighted pull up hang or is there another exercise you prefer?

Sorry for the ten million questions; I’m eager to give the technique a try.