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I have been taking EQ 1cc 200mg one per week and I would like to up the it alil. Can i take 400mg wich would be 2cc at a time is that cool.


You are TOO young to be using aas.


I didnt ask if i was the right age but if it was ok to take 400mg and it being 2cc.


Your asking a bad question with a bad attitude. The best advice you will get?

Stop what ever the hell you are doing and learn something, then come back and ask an intelligent question.



How hard is eq on the hair line. I've read conflicting answers. I understand that genetics has a lot to do with it but I want to hear personal experiences. I will be running a 12 week cycle at 400mg a week with a 800mg front load for the first 3 weeks.

I will be running test and proviron with it. I have also read that winny is really hard on the hair line but I have ran it up to 75mg ed with no problems. I don't know if eq will have the same non-effect on my hair line. Thanks guys.


Does male-pattern baldness run in the family? Fine hair? Or receding hair line?


Well in that case why not up the dosage to 800mg/week or even 1gm/week and see what happens afterwards. At age 17 I'm really interested in seeing what your diet/training/pct is like and who knows maybe after you realize what a mistake you've made you can write up an article for T-Nation on the pro/cons of doing aas at your age.


you know what i think i will do that and ill tell you how it goes for me.


I love T-Nation but seriously the mods should just delete the whole steroid section.

I don't know why anyone ever bothers to ask a question in this forum. If you're not 30 years old 250 pounds with 10% bf and have been training for 10 years then no matter what you ask or how you ask it you are gona get shat on.

It seems like there are hoards of people who don't even use the juice that just wait till someone asks a question to jump on there back giving unasked and often wrong advice !!, if you don't have anything posative to add then don't say anything at all !


Come on. First, the guy is 17, so he's way too young to use. Second, he didn't give us even the most basic informations about him, we had to look into another thread to know his age. And in this other thread we learn that he powerlifts but he doesn't know in what fed. That doesn't scream "OK" to me...


Why are you taking gear at only 17?

And if you really are involved with powerlifting the eq may not be the best selection for you.

Do more research on training and diet - you'll find great gains by improving these areas at your age.

Most of all have patience....


This coming from someone with a whopping 4 years of experience? The flaming on the steroid posts is done for a reason. So some little 17 year old idiot doesnt run out and start injecting things into his body with no knowledge of what he's doing and how to care for himself post cycle. So tell me old wise one should a 17 yr old who is concerned about injecting -yikes- 2cc's of EQ, should this guy even touch EQ if he doesn't know whether or not its ok to inject 2 cc's at one time?


well i was piower lifting and then i shocked the world by not passing my classes. So there is no way for me to be able to lift this year or till next year. I have looked in to EQ and other things and I thought this would fit me best. well any way I feel like shit and I can hardly lift good for more than two days becase of the pane that I get.

So I am coming out and saying it THIS IS BY FARE THE CRAZYEST THING I HAVE EVER DOEN, but I dont think that people should not give good advice when they ask for it if you dont know what your talking about just shut up dont say "YOUR FUCKING CRAZY IM GLAD IM NOT U" just say i dont think that that is the best thing that u should do becase adn tell them.


On 200mg of EQ a week I'd be surprised if you saw any gains in anything at all - personally I think you're wasting your time and money. I wouldn't expect to see anything with any less than 400mg a week, and then I only use EQ if I've got some Test to run with it.

In my opinion, you should run Test in 99% of cycles. If you really must use gear at 17yo then at least do it properly and throw some Test in.

Not to flame, but it doesn't appear that you're knowledgable enough to run gear yet. Keep studying bigtime bud.


well I have been taking 500mg and that is why I asked because i was hurting a lot and i wanted to know if that was why. Do u think that is why. I was taking 250mg every for days for the last 24 days.


Bump what Snipe says.

I don't believe that the brothers here a T-Nation are jumping on others just because they are young, ect. There are some very experienced vets here that have taught a ton to others, me included. Sometimes their is a sarcastic attitude but hey this is a forum full of test filled guys. What do you expect? Most of the criticism is contructive. Yeah, you may have one or 2 that give wrong advice, but believe me the MODS know who they are and are watching every word.

Its for their own protection. Ask yourselves this question: Why is the social norm on AAS so negative? Its because of stories like this everyday. Think about it. There is a new column in another newspaper everyday about protecting the children. A teen is still a teen anyway you look at it.

Lify Heavy,



and i am taking test with it. It wouldnt be worth it not to come on


Wait, you're shooting the EQ everyday? Damn, this is going to be one hell of an experience for you.

2 more questions before I leave this thread for good, what type of test are you using and at what dosage/week? What do you have planned for your PCT?


i say it's all a big pile of bollox....

and hope that dude doesn't end up in hospital.



This kid is the new raul or un_****