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EQ vs. Straight Test?

From what I’ve read, there are differing opinions on the effectiveness of EQ. Some say EQ is just like test, but with significantly less aromitization.
Some say it is worthless. I’m aware of the difference between the undecyclenate and the cypionate and enanthate esters.
What I’m interested in is a mg per mg comparison.
If one is interested in using 250 mg of EQ, is it comparable to 250mg of testosterone?
I also know that not everyone reacts the same way to each compound, but I’m interested in hearing from you guys who’ve used test and EQ together and especially any of you who’ve done an EQ only cycle. Thanks.

I don’t think any man does cycles these with at least a TRT dose of test. Mainly done as a precaution to ensure you still have libido, and erections. No test cycles are potentially riskier for that reason, some compounds aren’t androgenic enough to allow you to maintain a healthy sex drive.
I use low dose test(250mg) and higher dose EQ around 375-400mg EQ. Eq is slow but gives good gains ( without as many sides as a test only cyle) over a long cycle 12-16 weeks.
When it comes down to it you have to see if it works for you individually.

That’s almost exactly the amounts I was thinking of running.
It seems low to a lot of guys…so I’ve read. I’ve seen a lot of 750mg and up recommendations for the EQ. I’ve also seen a lit of recommendations to keep the test dose higher than the EQ.
I’m was originally planning for 500mg of testE with Proviron. Now I’m thinking 300mg of Test E + 400mg of EQ and Proviron.
Anyone care to suggest otherwise? I’m all ears.