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EQ/Var VS Test E 1st Cycle

I posted a while back about a cycle I was going to start. Im 5’9 165, been lifting pretty consistently for the last 4 years. Im a college baseball player and need to get over the hump if Im going to get to the next level. Id like to put on about 10-12 pounds of muscle.

Anymore than that and I really be doing myself more harm than good. Im also probably a more concerned about possible sides than most. My hair is already making a run for it, and I really prefer to stay on the safe side when it comes to my nuts.

Anyhow I understand almost everyone recommends straight test e or test c for a first cyle. I realize that just one compound is usually safest and you can then gauge how your body responded and go from there. However, isnt EQ a little safer drug, Im under the impression it amortized at about half the rate as test and generally has milder sides in general.

I know its not done often, but I was considering running around 400 EQ alone, or maybe with 40 VAR. It seems like a better fit for me as Im more likely to put on 10 pounds than am with something like test E. Between that, the milder sides and the less complicated PCT Im tempted to go that route.

I also really believe this will be my only cyle, so Im not so concerned with seeing how my body reacts to just test first since I dont anticipate another cycle.

That being said, I know I have zero experience and if you guys tell me Im still better off with straight test e, then ill go that route. Thanks in advance.

Sorry I thought I deleted this. I reposted the same info in another thread.

Go with the straight test as the Var will be very expensive for a college student. Also be aware of how long the product will generate you a positive test. Be careful of promising only one cycle.

Equipose is a good product and overall has the potential for your gains to be leaner and thus better kept. Not to mention the appetite increase which could magnify gains. However, for sports purposes and not pure comestics Test is still preferable

how about you stack EQ and Test E? :slight_smile:


While that is an outstanding combo, for a college kids first cycle that might not be the best starter.

[quote]sapasion wrote:
While that is an outstanding combo, for a college kids first cycle that might not be the best starter.[/quote]

Hey Sap,

Thanks for responding. Could you give me just to a bit more info as to why you dont feel this is best, and what you might suggest instead? Thanks.