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EQ & Tren Enanthate

Do EQ and Tren Enanthate mix well? I’m currently using EQ @ 400mg/wk, Test Enanthate @250mg/wk and 50mg Proviron ED. I am 3 weeks into my 15 week cycle and I’ve come accross some Tren Enanthate and was thinking of throwing it in @200-300mg/wk at about week 6. Anybody ever try mixing EQ and tren?

They are both 19-nors. Not real closely related - but related nonetheless.

I would use test with either one - but not both at the same time.

But I could be wrong.

Thanks for the reply! I started taking the EQ when the Tren Enanthate never showed up…I finaly got it like 5 weeks late. Sucks because I’m using it for a powerlifting meet and I’m sure I would have gotten more strength from the Tren than the EQ.