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EQ To Bulk Up Horses


Can anyone here post any experiences they had with using Equipoise on horses? How much muscle can a horse gain on Equipoise and how much should be given.


It works great my horse was able to bench heaps more and took first place in the ifbb men's physique


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I'm serious. What I really want are before and after pictures of mares given high doses of Tren and HGH. If you ever felt a mare's chest, they feel way more mushy then a stallion's or even a geldings. I would not use steroids on my own horse, but I'm pretty interested in seeing just how much muscle one can add to a female horse.


you're dumb, go to a horse forum. Somewhere on the internet there is horses logging their own gains


Just google "big horses" im sure youll like that


Eq is one of those compounds that needs to be ran longer period of time.
Minimum amount of time 12 weeks but the longer the better.
It is dose related meaning a min um of 400mgs a wk and i have seen better results from 900 mg wk.
Not my favorite compound but never the less a decent compound .


With pleasure... I find horses really attractive (if you know what I mean). But surely someone on this forum as used EQ, Tren, or GH on their horse(s) and tracked the results and has a few pictures.


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Oh yeah my horse developed symptons of hypersexuality and insomnia after I injected her with tren. She became a fucking nightMARE.


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Actually since I find mares sexy, that would be a big plus.


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Also could a horse become "ripped" on EQ without any exercise (and I don't mean bench presses, I mean riding on hills or in sand, treadmills in pools).


some weird fucked up shit. At first I thought the OP was using 'horses' like people use 'lab rats' in these discussions... Now I have no idea what this thread is, nor am I sure exactly which posters are trolling and which aren't :confused:


Nah it's all just a bunch of horseshit.


Guy's all I want are pictures of horses before and after receiving steroids. As for my reasons, I'm sure you can guess by my username.




Actually that horse has a muscle disorder called HYPP (Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis) that causes the muscles to look like.