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EQ/Test E/Tren E Cycle

Hi guys im new here and this will be my first time posting.
my stats are
age: 26
Height : 169cm (5"6) I know im a manlet
Weight: 72.5kg around 160lb
BF%: 13%-15%
Been training for 11 years started when i was 15
First cycle I did I was 24
Only been doing Test-e only cycles
This will be my first time trying EQ and Tren-e

Dosage are
EQ: 300mg per week
Test-e: 300mg per week
Tren-e: 200mg per week
I will be injecting twice a week.
I will have Anastrozole in hand for AI just in case.
Any suggestions will help.
Thanks in advance.

Breaking two cardinal rules my man. Rule #1 is only add one new drug at a time. Rule #2 is never use tren e for your first time. A lot can go wrong with tren and you don’t want to be stuck with potential side effects for weeks vs tren a which clears much faster.


I will need to inject tren-a EOD right? I choose tren-e so that I have to inject less. And I thought Tren-e only lasts in my system for a week. the only side effects I got with test-e was painful lower back pumps when squating and deadlifting. So should I take tren-a instead and see how I respond to tren? or will I be able to detect side effects on tren-e fast enough. I wouldnt mind dealing with sides for a week. Thanks.

Tren E half life is 7-10 days my man. That means you have half of the drug in your system still after up to 10 days. Tren A is only 3.

That EQ dose is pointless IMO

Use tren A and I suggest pinning daily

Or if you want opt for the EQ instead of the tren but run it higher iv never used it but everyone iv talked to suggest a minimum of 400/week with 600+ being the sweet spot.

could be worse, I’m 5’5

What doses of test E have you been using in prior cycles?

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I did 600mg of test e for my first time
Second time I did 600mg and 4 weeks of 50mg dbol
And I’ve only done 2 more cycles of 600mg test e

Didn’t get any bad sides aside for lower back pumps and balls shrinkage but it went back to normal after pct

So I decided to drop the EQ and I think I’ll just do a test and Tren cycle
Will 200mg of test and 400mg of Tren be ok for my first Tren cycle?
I’ve read people get bad sides from high test low Tren so that’s why I’m doing high Tren low test

Im running 200 test 350-400 tren a and 500 mast e and having great results wirh little to no sides.

It just depends on the person. It’s bro science to an extent but I bought into it because it makes sense to me and I’m lovin it.

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LOL I’m 5’7" so I have you both beat! Manlets unite!

Hi guys im new here and this will be my second time posting.
my stats are
age: 26
Height : 169cm (5"6) I know im a manlet
Weight: 72.5kg around 160lb
BF%: 13%-15%
Been training for 11 years started when i was 15
First cycle I did I was 24
Only been doing Test-e only cycles with some dbol sometimes
This will be my first time doing tren

here is my plan
Test-e 200mg per week 1-10
Test-e 600mg per week 11-15
Tren-a or e 400mg per week 1-10
caber .25mg x2 per week 1-12
anastrozole .5mg x2 per week 1-17

Nolva 40/20/20/20
Clomid 50/50/50/50

Why are you opening a new thread on your cycle? You already have one and should continue on that thread.

Increase your test for (4) weeks IMO is a waste. Don’t run your AI past your last week of cycling, your test will start dwindling and you will crash E2. Heck I wouldn’t run that much AI to begin with.

Tren A should be used for your first go around with the compound. It has a 3 day half life versus up to 10 with Tren E. Therefore if sides manifest you can bail much faster with Tren A. For the Tren I think 400mg is a little high per week. 50-100mg EOD seems to be the go to and although I admittedly havn’t run it, I heard a little bit goes a long way. I’m sure some of the gurus here can elaborate more.

For PCT, stick with Nolva only. 40/40/20/20

Sorry I didnt know i wasnt supposed to do that I thought that I should change the thread because I was changing my cycle so thats noted.
How much AI do you think I should be taking? Ive always used .5mg 2 times per week when i was on test e 600mg
I heard tren-a has harsher sides compared to tren-e because it releases faster? I see alot of contradicting posts on this argument so I want to know what others think about it.

The AI is applicable to your test but not Tren. Tren doesn’t aromatize into E2. So… at 200mg/wk you likely don’t need the AI at all. Let the tren work its magic and pray the side effects are kind.

Ok so ill just keep the ai in hand just in case
thanks for the advice

I responded to this in the other thread but it was closed before i posted.
Are you on quality gear? If so…lower the dose

Test E 300mg / week 1-10
tren A 30mg/day week 1-8
you don’t need caber at this dose of tren, use 50mg b6 daily
adex, you wont need this as well until week 2, but at that point go get bloods to see where your E2 is at first becuase if you keep your bf low enough you wont need it either. if your bloods come back and E2 is over 75-150 then start with .15mg 2x/week and retest in 2 weeks to check E2. Dont chase numbers, if oyur E2 is over 20-30 that’s ok if your not having symptoms. At lower dosages you should be fine.

You need to get an understanding of what these chemicals do to your body with blood test and carry that with you to your next cycle. Take lots of notes and perfect your cycles. Drastic changes are too hard to track and manage. take it slow. I was lucky i had someone with an incredible amount of experience help me with my first cycle. I still do things the same way, low dose lots of food and work my ass off. the gains WILL come.

Edited to also say, with test -E “I myself would” start HCG at 500 m/w/f starting about 5 days after last test E shot and do that for 2 weeks to let the test clear your system. If your are taking the adex at this point stay on it until you finish the hcg. this also gets the from and functiosn back into your testicles. primed and ready for the Nolva.

There are studies on dose response relationships with hcg/test and alot of this other gear, i would encourage you to look it up.