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EQ, Test E, Mast E 16 Wk Cycle Feedback


I finished my first cycle, now im wondering if you could give me feedback about my second cycle plan. Ill going to cleanbulk on this one.

22 age, started 16.5 at 127lbs

210 by 8/12%, more lbs the better! but im pleased if i get my goal weight.

First cycle:
1-10 Test E 500mg a week
1-13 HCG 500iu 2x a week
13-16 20mg nolva a day

Second cycle:
1-16 EQ 600 a week
1-16 Test E 250 a week
1-16 Mast E 400 a week
4-20 HCG 500iu 2x a week
21-25 20mg nolva a day

Why i made this cycle, first i wanted tren cycle. But becouse of school i got a week during the cycle i cant inject + i need a condition test to finish. If i dont finish the condition i fail school… For that reason they advised me to go with EQ/bold

-Is 600 EQ enough or need i 800?
-Is 250 Test E enough or need i get higer? (375/500? above 375 is not good for the EQ if im right.
-Is 400 Mast E enough?

-I dont use an AI for prevention, i didnt need it on test so maby here i dont need it also. I only will use it when i get gyno and 10/20mg nolvadex wont work. What one than you recomend, aromasin or?
-Is the PCT too early and too short or is it good? Im not that good in knowing when to start in it.

Hopfully you can give me good advise, im not that formiliar with EQ, if you have any questions ask them i want to learn about mistakes so i wont make them in the past. PS sorry about my english i hope you can understand what i mean with all :slight_smile: