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EQ/Test E cycle - 8 Weeks

40 y/o male
6’ 225lb (12-15% bf based off of visible abs)
Training experience: 23-24 years

I did a really dumb cycle in’99 using stupid amounts of sust and deca, with no AIs, SERMs or PCT of any kind. Amazed my nuts didn’t completely disappear (they did get pretty small for a while). Didn’t mess with it for years, then in the last 6 years or so have done a couple ‘cycles’ of a pro-hormone, as well as a couple oral only cycles of tbol. Tried dbol as a pre-workout (saw nothing at all from that, not even increased aggression), did a series of short cycles (2 on/5 off) with tren/test/mast. So I’ve dabbled a bit, as well as done some well-thought out cycles (including the below).

Have been on self-administered (non-prescribed) TRT since early spring of last year, following a moderate dose test e/high-dose primo cycle (250mg test E3D/100mg primo ED)- saw good gains, and transitioned to TRT on purpose, not because I screwed anything up (to my knowledge, lol). Have been on TRT since then, injecting 0.25ml of test e (250mg/ml) E3D. So about 146mg per week on average. I’ve done a few runs of tbol with that, as well as bumping up (slightly) the test injections.

So, to make a long story about the same length - I’ve been planning this one, and I am going to do an 8 week cycle of the following:

200mg EQ E3D
200mg test e E3D (these two are a blend, so the injection will only be 1ml)
aromasin - haven’t decided on a dosage yet, probably go with 12.5mg EOD or E3D.

Not planning PCT, since I will go back to TRT dose at the end (blast/cruise).

Not planning on much of a calorie increase. I like the size I am at (maybe a few more pounds), mainly looking for a bit of a recomp. Much bigger and I’d have to go shopping for new clothes.

Thoughts? Suggestions on AI dosing/schedule? I’ve not used EQ before, but if I recall I read that it doesn’t aromatize too much. Also, I am bringing a vial of EQ 200 (by itself) so I can bump the dosage. I’ve read differing things regarding EQ. Some say it doesn’t ‘kick in’ until beyond week 8, others say they’ve used it for 8 week cycles with good results.

Your cycle sound good to me… I do like Bold and Enan. I’m worried about this blend… is this possible? 200mg enan + 200mg EQ per ml? Well, I’m not here for judge your drug, but I like the dosage you pretend to use based on what you’ve done before. EQ is awesome for me, makes me look hard and don’t retain much water… for AI, you can use aromasin or even Adex will do great with this amount of drugs… maybe 1mg each second day…