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EQ/Test Cycle Questions


Good morning mates,
I’ve been running a cycle of 750mg EQ/week and 400 mg test E/week. I’m on week 10, and have not really been pleased with the results. Maybe some bunk EQ, not really getting the mad hunger like everyone claims. Anyways, my question is, I’ll be finishing up the EQ at week 12, but still have a lot of test E left. Would it make sense for me to bump up the test to say 600 mg/week and run that up to 16 weeks? Or would it be a waste?


whatever… I’d keep the same amount of test… or even lower the dose. But it works too, make sure U have some AI on hand, and maybe’ll need to increase the AI dose just a little bit… I personally don’t like to go crazy with test.

EQ is liquid gold! If it’s good EQ, and if you didn’t feel the drug benefits, you are not prepared for EQ. EQ is for advanced bodybuilders. EQ do not do magic, it put some density, veins, maturity to your physique, and you’ll finish looking like a good sportive horse!

This 12 weeks thing is BS… You can feel it working full at second week, but you’ll need much, much, much more than 12 weeks to see the truth about EQ


Yeah I mean I’m realistic about what I would see from EQ. Wasn’t expecting magic I know its a slow builder but thought I would at least see some strength gains. Just was figuring since I’m already on, I may as well extend the test another 4 weeks as long as it wouldn’t be a waste or harmful to up the dose a bit.