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EQ Question

First off thanks for allowing me to ask what’s surely been asked before. I would like to ask a few questions regarding drawing out some EQ . I am 5 '6 180 with 12%bf, and I’m 40. I’ve been lifting for over 14 years, and I have the opportunity to have 1 10ml bottle of EQ. Yes 12 years ago I had 2 years of gear experience.

My question is my syringes will need to come from online, and somewhere where script isn’t necessary. Lastly will you tell me what gauge I need to draw out of bottle’ and I planned on 23 gauge 1" for my rear. 10 weeks once a week, and I do use androgel daily. Will someone please give me the site to order from (assuming that’s Cool on here) and which 2 gauges do I need-(prefer smallest acceptable)thanks all!