EQ-Plex H-Drol Stack

Recently I purchased CEL’s Eq-plex and H drol to stack, which I will start in about a week. I just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas or recommendations on how I should do the stack. I have copied a plan that was posted by “Namor” in May.

Week 1 H-Drol 75 EQ-Plex 600
Weeks 2-4 H-Drol 75 EQ-Plex 800
Weeks 5-8 EQ-Plex 800

Of course I have purchased a PCT as well consisiting of CEL’s PCT Assist and a ZMA supplement. I have also purchase a good amount to milk thistle and dandelion for liver support. I would appreciate any recommendations on appropriate diet to complement these PH’s and also when I should consume the PH’s, should I consume them with food, when should I begin my PCT. Also I am debating on buying the Animal Stak by Universal Nutrition for some added natural test boost (since I have heard some good things about the product).

Just for reference I have taken prohormones before. I have taken methyl 1-alpha by LG sciences (good size and strength gains), promagnon (decent strength results), SUS 500 by G.E.T. (Great size results, and decent strength gains), Epistane (mediocre strength gains, no size gains made).

Again I would appreciate any input that can be offered.

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