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EQ or Tren Induced Hair Loss ?


Hi guys, ok here's my problem,

A few months ago I did a 8 week cutter cycle which consisted in 300mg Test P / 300mg Tren A / 300mg Mast P / 350mg Winny per week. I didn't lose a single hair during this cycle even though I didn't take any protection for the hair so I considered myself blessed about hair loss.

I'm currently running a new cycle which is a quite hardcore bulker what I'm doing is :
Week 1-2 : 1.2g EQ
Week 3-12 : 800mg Test E / 800mg Tren E / 1G EQ and 50mg dbol/day (only week 3 to 6)
Week 13-14 : 300mg Test P
Week 14-18 : PCT

I started EQ 2 weeks before because I heard it takes a so long time to kick in I thought it would be a great idea (it's the first time I'm using EQ). Now the problem is I'm losing a few hairs everytime I get my hand through my hair which never happened to me before.

My question is : who is the culprit ? Is it EQ or is it the larger doses of Tren ? I know that my Tren dose is a bit more than twice the dose I took during my last cutter cycle but on another hand I was taking a lot of compounds which are supposed to be harsh on hair (tren, mast, winny) without any sign of hairloss.

I'm only at the beginning of the 5th week (so only 4x400mg injection of Tren) so I have difficulties to imagine that Tren would be the culprit since it didn't really have the time to stack in my body, right ?

And on another hand a lot of people say that EQ is so mild on hair that they never lost a single hair on EQ so I'm kind of lost here, if you could give your thoughts, I would really appreciate, thank you.
Last thing, since finasteride is out of question for Tren, what is your opinion on azelaic acid and Nizoral shampoo with 2% ketoconazole ?


Hairbro? Come on, you can do better than that. The culprit is surely Tren. She’s highly Androgenic. Now that you know you’re genetically predisposed you should avoid all compounds known to accelerate pattern baldness.


Jump on the 2% nizoral straight away. Saying that you are on a shitload of gear through weeks 3-12, with most of your mg coming from highly androgenic substances like test, dbol and tren(tren is 5 x more androgenic than test on a mg to mg comparison).
You must be huge, but unfortunately I don’t think anythings going to stop you from going bald if you are on that much gear. Have you wondered why the majority of pro’s have bald/shaved heads? Even those that don’t seem to get a bald patch seem to get massive even thinning all over their scalps.


I wouldn’t say that I’m predisposed to MPB since my dad almost has a full head of hair and he’s well over 60, same for my brothers and myself. We have great thick hair (don’t mean to provocate you guys) and I’m nowhere losing loads of hair, just a few here and there when I get my hand through my hair and don’t even see a visual change right now.

But since I lose literally 0 hair (on and off gear and without hair protection) it’s kind of new to me and it’s quite worrying even if some of you would consider the hair I lose almost nothing. My main concern is to find the culprit, I know that it might be the quite high dose of Tren but it’s the first time I lose my hair and the only compound I’m using for the first time is EQ and in quite high doses, so EQ might be the culprit but a lot of people say that it’s really mild on hair, so I don’t know to be honest.
I damn myself for getting a vial with Test Tren and EQ all in one because I would have dropped the EQ and figured the culprit myself… :frowning:


Tren… actually, a friend of mine give bold to his horses for better hair, skin and of course, muscles, since they are competition horses


Something to consider… you’re 21 years old. This is an age where many folks start to lose some hair anyway. My hairline started to recede right about that age, and I wasn’t on anything.

Also consider the fact that the predisposition for male pattern baldness is inherited from your mother’s side, so the fact that your father doesn’t have it is truly irrelevant. Your mother’s father would be a better indicator, although still not a totally reliable one.

And it could also be the tren.


From my understanding despite the Tren not being DHT reducible, it still doesn’t play by the rules when it comes to hair follicles and in fact will make you go Mr. Clean in no time. That is if you are predisposed.

The only compound that I can think of that will be easy on the hairloss is Test combined with Finasteride. However with Fina, you have to be ready to roll the dice. Some guys get zero side effects while the others get long term wood problems.