Eq. or Test first?

I plan on running a 6 week cycle. I only have enough juice for 3 weeks of EQ (400 MG per week) and 3 weeks of test eth (600 MG per week). Any recommendations which AAS should lead off?

I will be complimenting both with ED or EOD of Tren, with some primo towards the end.

heres a few recomendations don’t start, you sound uninformed. no mention of anti-e’s or post cycle therapy. 3 weeks at the dose is worthless.

get enough for 8 weeks bro. eq for 3 weeks is worthless. ancillaries goes without saying.

Ok, 8 weeks versus 6.

Next, since Eq and test are both class I’s, I don’t see the problem with say, 5 weeks of test, 3 of eq (?).

looks to me like you need to get more AAS.
Eq has a half life somewhere between 8-15 days. When I take eq, I front it at the beginning of the cycle. I would do the amount of eq you have in the first week and a half.

I’m assuming your goal is to put on mass. If you frontload the Eq you’ll probably notice it by your second or third week. By the end of your third week you won’t have any EQ left so in a matter of another week or so you will no longer have the optimal dose of EQ in your system. From what I’ve gathered here 500 mg is a pretty decent place to start for your first cycle (it’s were I started). So even as it is you don’t really have enough eq for a good 3 week cycle (which doesn’t exist with EQ anyway like I just said). What you will be managing to do with this cycle is supress yourself while making little to no gains. Furthermore, you don’t seem to mention any anti-e’s or clomid which would be a must. I’d say you need 2x’s as much eq/test as you have now for a decent cycle + anciliraries. D-bol would be very sweet to. I really love d-bol.

My opinion, why even fricking bother. Save them for when you have enough. Shit, what you have there is a frontload and the first weeks worth of shot’s there for a good mass cycle. Listen to the advice these guys are giving to you, there is a reason for it.

I will listen to the advice, all good. Thanks all. As far as anti-e’s and post cycle recovery, I have that down. This will be my third cycle - have only used test, deca, and primo in the past, so am branching out, reading, and learning. At 43, I’m only looking to bulk up somewhat.

Just out of curiousity did you frontload on any of your past cycles?

Man, now this is what I like to hear. Are there others out there reading this. Take out your notepads. For all the people that argue and say that we do not know what the hell we are talking about and yada yada. Write down what Kat just wrote please. Thank you all and have a nice day. Thanks for listening.

Thanks for listening? Hey, thanks for providing - I do appreciate what you guys contribute, what you bring to the fight.

I did frontload my previous two cycles - frontloaded double the amount I weekly injected.

Final note - and I addressed this elsewhere so disregard if you answered - as we know test/tren has a synergistic effect, even though both are class ones. Could we expect the same effect from Eq/tren?