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Eq or Primo w/Test/Tren

Grettings Fellow Iron Brothers-

Would you prefer EQ/Test/Tren or Primo/Test/Tren whilst cutting?

I would prefer that you all leave the Winny out this equation. Why? Winny makes it to easy.

I want to see some good replies and some good explanations to why you have chosen your particular stack. Please include your ancillary and fatburner intake as well.

Let me have it!

The Scorp

I’d go with Eq/Test/Tren, Eq is much more anabolic and you’d need less of a dose plus is cheaper. Primo on the other hand is much more expensive (at least in my experience) and to make it worthwhile you’d need much higher doses. As far as fat burners I’d use Hot-Rox and perhaps a diuretic such as Lasix, inyected or oral.

whoa, i dont know if lasix recommendations should be thrown around like that. i mean you can die from the shit if not used properly. anyway, a lot of people dont like eq while cutting because of the increase in appetite. primo is way too expensive for my taste. hate to say it but go for the winny. or hell just the test and tren.

Primo, definatly primo.

1stly, you don’t need an anti-e if you’re using, say 300mg test, tren and primo. If you added 300mg eq instead of primo, you’d probably need some nolva kicking around. So you don’t need to pay for nolva, and maybe primo would seem more economical given this consideration.

2ndly, water retention would be lower with the primo.

3rdly, EQ increases RBC count, sometimes to unfavourably high levels. Primo doesn’t ahve this problem

4thly, reiterating what PDOG said, the appetite stimulation on the EQ could be very annoying when on a low-cal cutting cycle.

5thly Primo’s easier on the hairline than EQ…

6thly expanding on point one, the eq’s aromatization to estrogen is also detrimental to fat loss. As stated in point 2, the E2 also causes water retention, leaving you look less cut (and heavier).

7th recovery will be compromised more with the EQ due to it’s long lasting ester and the suppressive nature of this androgen. With primo, you’ll be recovering a lot faster…

Primo’s good for your joints just like EQ, and will provide a solid anabolic base. Combined with tren and test you’ll get good strength gains and minimal sides.

A stack of 300mg test, 350mg tren, and 300-600mg Primo would be prime for fat loss, have no 17-AAs to strain your liver (regardless of whether 17-AA toxicity is overrated), would have low sides, and would be kind to your joints. All you’d need is some nolva (&maybe clomid) for PCT.

Scorp: are you planning on any stims (clen, E+C, yohimbine) or other fat loss aids (T3, GH, etc.)?

I’m actually considering this exact cycle for summertime (maybe with the clen and T3) !

Good replies so far. Thank you foro your time. Clen and T3 are my choices for FB’s.

It is good to see some good quality Bro’s respond…

Do we have a comment or response from the Great Dane(Poul)?

Don’t be shy?

If you are here in the forum to just point pout mistakes then get the fu** out of the forum.

Thank you,

The Scorp

Come on guys!
Stop lurking and say what you think…

Exactly Archaic.

Where’s P22?

I am not nearly as experienced with AAS as you guys are, as I am only 2 cycles deep, however right now I am on EQ/Test prop/Tren/Winny/Halotestin/Nolvadex and OH MY FUCKING GOD I feel like KING KONG! I have a buddy who lives just north of the Mexican boarder in Texas and fortunately I’m able to get all Mexican AAS at a great price. All except Primobolan.

Why even say Winny is too easy? Why would I want to drive to New York when winny can fly me there? Not only that, with quality labs like QV selling Stan 100 for a relatively cheap price and it’s abundant availability, you’d be crazy not to use it in any lean mass building or ‘cutting’ arsenal.

HELIOS seems to be a great product, however, I am unable to get my hands on it as of right now. I will definitely agree that the Clen/T3 stack is damn near unbeatable when it comes to fat loss.

In my opinion primo is for the gurls. I do see it’s legitimacy as a moderate anabolic with very few negative side effects, but I do not see it doing all that much for us males. If you can get your hands on some 4-AD-EC powder, I’d throw that baby through a conversion kit and wa-la, you’ve got some supercharged primo. I haven’t tried this yet but as cheap as it can be obtained and as effective as the science behind it appears to be, it would definitely be worth a try. If anyone is interested in obtaining it, I have a reliable source out in China, so PM me and I’d love to see the kind of results you get.

I have removed you from my ignore list, that way you get a chance of venting via pm’s again if the need should arise :slight_smile:


What do we have here? Our good buddy from Denmark has decided to join us. He has also blessed us with his good humor. What a Dane. Good to have you. Now how about you giving us your view on the topic. I hope it is not making you dizzy. We need a great mind, such as yours to deliberate on this matter. Now fire away! If it at all possible that is…We are waiting.

We all know what Winny can do and what it is capable of T-Matt. I want you to be creative w/o the use of Winny. It can be done. It has been done. It can happen to you T-Matt. Come on T-Matt. Give us your best cycle selection of the ASS given w/o Winny in the equation. I have complete and utter faith in your abilities.

The Scorp

After reading everyones post I would have to agree with Archaic. Eq is not my favorite steroid anyway, And I love Primo so this for me is too easy of a decision. I personally would keep the test on the low end - only using about 1-200mg a week, and use 75mg -100 mg of tren ed and 600mg of primo a week. Tren is the only steroid I know that actually burns fat so of course I would have to include that.

A cycle I am planning for next week is Primo @ 600mg per week, along with 20 mg of dbol per day and 20mg of halotestin per day. This is only a 3 weeker, then I am switching to my diet drugs - tren and winny, with some primo in the background, and a little bit of test but not much.

As far as using lasix I would highly recomend against this! lasix has landed many BB in the hospital or in the morgue! T3 may help the bloat, but my sollution is to d/c or reduce the drug that is causing the bloat. This is by far the safest way! P-22

LOL @ Scorp! haha… I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny or mock me but you’re a funny guy, nonetheless. Well, if I absolutely positively can’t use Winny, then I’ll just take the train instead of the plane and jump on the Masteron train. Now give me my prize damnit! lol…

P22, man I have the big nipples (sorry for the visual) and I retain water with the best of them, so I wholeheartedly agree with keeping the test low. I know just about any cycle is incomplete without Test, but next time I’m going to opt for just the Halotestin instead of the Test. Ditto on the lasix, that’s some dangerous ish…

Yes T-Matt it is all done with harsh and brutal sarcasm. LOL Thank for the reply. I try to be funny. I try to get us all to think more and rely less on myths. LOL

I’m late to the party. But I will add my thoughts about diuretics. DON"T TOUCH THEM.

That’s my 2cc

That my 2cc’s. LOL Very, Very Clever!
Bravo Merlin. I am with you on the diuretic issue. Never touched them, never will…I do not retain water to a degree where I need that Shiite. I have a hard time believing that there are D’s that spare the potassium in your body. I know too many guys who have ended up the in the Med from D’s. That stuff is deadly. If you use them often, may God have mercy on thy soul. Thanks for bringing that up Merlin the Magnificent. I applaud you.

The Scorp

I just have never heard of anyone dying from taking lasix, especially the oral kind. I’ve friends in mexico take with no problems at all. In an old Muscle Media Dan Duchaine (God bless him) even said that you could use it intravenously.


Dan Duchaine?

Give me a break. This is the guy who brought us Ultimate Orange. That stuff was shit in a can. Terrible stuff and terrible ingredients. Maybe the Lasix you are taking is bogus. Have you ever had it tested for purity? Mexican gear is iffy at best. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s shit. Diuretics are very dangerous. Hey, if you wanna die that is your choice. Unless you are preparing for the Olympia and there is 200,000 dollars up for grabs stay away from it.