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EQ or NPP for Next Cycle?

Trying to decide on the main compound for my next cycle.

Bulking cycle, looking to gain lean mass, hopefully as much as I realistically can in 12-16 weeks.

Other gear:
Will be used in conjunction with 400-500mg /week Test E, and 300-400mg /week Mast E. 400-500mg of test is my sweet spot, and want to use the mast for extra libido boost and SHBG/free test purposes.

6”, 200-205lb, not very good at estimating bf but I’d say lean-ish.

Choices are between EQ and NPP. Never used either before, originally wanted to use EQ and eventually move on to NPP on another cycle when I’m a little more of an advanced user but have been reading some not-so-encouraging things about EQ lately. Seems like it’s very hit or miss, obviously I won’t know what it will be like for me until I try it but wondering whether skipping EQ and going straight to NPP would be worth it or not.

I’ve read a lot about EQ anxiety, (especially when front loading and have also read it’s worthless without front loading) and I’d like to avoid that. I’ve also read that a lot of people seem to have E2 issues on EQ as it seems to convert into E1 and competes with the test base for the aromatase enzyme… which might be an advantage for me as I’ve had some high E2 issues before but obviously don’t want it to crash.

I’m also aware that Nandrolone comes with its own issues with prolactin and I’m not too well versed in prolactin issues (or nandrolone in general to be honest) so wouldn’t want to fuck myself up doing something wrong. Also would be worried about the possible dick issues.

From what I know, EQ might end up being worthless for me and NPP might be the better choice for my goals but I’m not sure if I know enough or am ready for it yet.

Any help/opinions/personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.

NPP will certainly be more effective however I consider it a more risky drug for side effects. It’s known to cause libido/ed issues as well as neurological issues. I don’t see many prolactin issues pop up in the forums from NPP. I think thats old school bro science that prolactin issues are a main concern or cause of NPP/Deca issues.


Can you expand on the neurological issues? I haven’t heard that before about NPP.

Do you have any tips (controlling certain levels or using certain things) on combating the libido/ed issues or any way to avoid them entirely?

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I would prefer eq, i gave up on deca it mess up my sex drive usually and need tome to recover, with tren im ok but deca does this to me

That’s a wide enough range that the low end means one drug and the high end means another.

If you’re going for mass then it’s hard to beat nandrolone. Just from a pure scientific point of view it’s pretty much the superior bulker out there. But there are drawbacks, most of which have been brought up. You have to decide if the extra size you’d get from it is worth the potential risks.

As for EQ… I don’t have any good reason to ever explore it. My HCT is already pretty high, so EQ is off my list permanently. I doubt there’s anything it can do that I could get from a high dose of primo and a moderate amount of test. The reason EQ is so often used is, I suspect, split evenly between 1.) it has the desirable side effect of increasing hunger, which is great when bulking, or 2.) it’s cheap as Hell and lots of gear users cannot afford to run a gram of primo for four months.

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That and it’s faked a lot. I have a hard time sending that amount of money to a ugl. Maybe buy one and lab max it, if good buy more.

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That’s why I put that range, once I’m sure on the compound I’ll be using, I’ll be sure on the length of the cycle as a result.

Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I think it’s not worth the potential risks. It could go fine for me and I’ll never know until I try it, but the enhanced sex drive and better sex in general is one of the many reasons I love doing this, so I don’t think it’s worth risking that.

Exactly this. I did originally look into primo briefly, but having to run at least 800mg per week with a 100mg per ml concentration would mean almost an entire bottle per week, and it’s price per bottle compared to others isn’t exactly cheap so what I would normally spend on an entire cycle would be spent on just the primo, then I’d have to get all the other usuals on top of that.

Only reason I eventually pulled the trigger on it was the fact that the lab I used had it at 200mg/ml and it was priced decently. But a 16 week run is still costing me $400 for just the primo. And I may need to add more because the dose could go higher. So it’s tough to sign up for that cost without knowing what you’ll get out of it.

I have never used EQ, although I am considering it. My personal experiences with NPP did not go very well. I was taking 300 Mg of test e twice per week, and 125 MG of NPP 3 times per week. The physical results I got were awesome, and I was very happy. Even my wife made comments as to my size gains. My problem was the sides. I literally had a hard on all the time. My mind was interested in nothing but sex. I would kiss my wife goodbye in the AM, and the smell of her perfume would linger and i would get hard. I was actually dripping precum all day. We would have sex, and I could go 1000 rounds. Eventually she got tired of the amount of sex I was requesting. Generally we have sex 2-3 times per week. We both work, but try our best to maintain a healthy relationship. When she would say no, I would get paranoid that she was cheating. I know she would never do that, but i found myself stealing her phone to check. It was sickening. I will never again take NPP