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EQ/Masteron Stack


What do you guys think of this stack?

W1-2 EQ 300mg /w
W1-5 Masteron 100mg EOD
Also cycling Clen and T3
Proviron 25mg ED
Arimidex 0.25mg ED if needed for bloat


Goals, loose 10lbs of fat

5-11, 195, 12%, 33yrs.


I've never used masteron. There is a good article you can find in the search engine on this site called "Steroid dieting." Essentially, if you eat and exercise to lose weight, you will lose fat if you are on juice.

Tren would be a better choice, and they say winstrol even better - but I won't gamble with my liver on 17-aa stuff.


Alright just a few points. Why would you use eq only for two weeks. Since eq is a longer acting ester it won't even kick in before the time that you are done. As with the masteron, this helps you look harder at a lower percentage bodyfat. Usually a competition drug, so i think personally the two choices are not the best for the results in which you seek. As for the arimidex you don't need any because masteron does not convert and at that dosage of eq neither will it. The clen and t3 is a good choice, together with those two i would add some tren and winstrol. The tren will help with strength and metabolism while the winstrol will help harden and hold onto the musclemass while dieting. Just my 2cents



"The tren will help with strength and metabolism while the winstrol will help harden and hold onto the musclemass while dieting. Just my 2cents "

Tren = masteron
Winstrol = EQ


Alright i understand that the eq and masteron have some of the same effects, just not to the degree of tren and winstrol. By all means man give it a go and see how it works, but for your dollar the results won't be comparable.
Let us know how it goes.


I think the premise behind the cycle is very sound. I think that masteron and EQ is a very good combo. I don't know why the other guys are saying to replace the masteron with tren, or even add tren for that matter because masteron is damn near as androgenic as tren. EQ is also regarded as an excellent dieting drug due to it's anticatabolic properties, very similar to winstrol. I don't think that you need to add test to this cycle because masteron being a DHT derivitive should provide an increase in libido, proviron also does a ridiculous job with this. About the only thing I agree with the other fellas about is the fact that you need to run the EQ for longer. I would also suggest that you bump up your dosages because this cycle is pretty damn light if you ask me. There will be no estrogenic problems with this cycle and the proviron would take care of them if there were any. I don't see the need for novla post cycle as the clomid and adex would be more than sufficient. Hopefully this helps however I do like your choice of drugs and want to know how it goes.


Oh, and your goals are a little modest... you can lose a whole lot more than ten pounds if you wanted to on this cycle. Even without the t3 and clen.



Did I just read that correctly or did I take it out of context???


I'll just be interested to know if you can actually throttle back your caloric intake while having the ravenous appetite that comes from EQ. Keep us posted.


Thanks for the replies. I agree squatty that I wont need the adex or nolva.

The one thing i want to change is the EQ. I will bump the dose but I have not used EQ before.

I want to extend the EQ. Have you guys tried the new short acting EQ? Its from a UG lab at 50mg / ml but its prop ester. then i'd run for the full 5 weeks.


Fuck short acting eq


I should have known. Fuck the short acting EQ!