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EQ in a Stack


I recently decided to add a compound after two test only cycles and decided to try eq with test. Let me give some basic info so i hope someone can point me in the right direction. ive done two test cycles before, 12 weeks each 500mg/wk, with pct. i gained 15 pounds each time, lost most of it even with pct.

i am currently at my genetic potential and work very hardi believe as far as sheer muscular size in my physique. I usually weigh in 225 off gear at 14% bodyfat. im 6'1". i have been up to 240 on test alone, however i did not like the way i looked i was severly bloated.

my diet has not changed for years. 5 days clean, 2 days dirty for 3000+ cals. i will post more on that if it helps.

i decided to add eq because i wanted a leaner body with more muscle then i have off cycle and reduced fat. i decided to go with eq at 600mg/wk and test sus or e at 900/wk. when i started this cycle i planned on getting bigger and leaner for the summer, not just big alone. i started at 217lbs 14%bodyfat.

fastforward 14 weeks. im 215 with 10% body fat. im using the same gear as my first two cycles. i did not expect the scale to move so little with 1500mg anabolics in my system. on a side note, ive been on oral antibiotics for the severe acne i was still battling from the first 2 cycles. so here are my questions:

1) is it the eq that kept me lean during the cycle? like i said i expected the scale to move much more rather then go down. another side note: im having sexual dysfunction ever since i added this compound and little appetite as opposed to this massive hunger they say eq gives you.
2)did the antibiotics limit my gains somehow?

i like the way i look now, veins everywhere and im strong, but to drop pounds on the scale like that is normal for a gram of test and some eq? my diet hasnt changed since the last two cycles where i gained 15 pounds on each!

please dont flame me :slight_smile: