EQ, hunger, and tren

Just wanted to quickly state that before I ever tried EQ I would read on all the boards about how hungry it makes you. It is clearly evident to me now that it is true as I get the most severe, hole in the stomach aching that I’ve ever noticed while on any AAS. It really rolls up on ya if your even like a half hour or so past your normal feedings.

Anyway, looks like I am going with the homebrew tren method. I know this has probably been posted before but can any of you please recomend where I would find suitable directions on how to concoct this stuff? I already have the 4g kit and 2 cartridges of tren. Also, I will be using insulin pins for the tren and plan to site inject as was recommended on some of the threads. Any favorite sites for less soreness? And do any of you oppose this insulin pin method?

Gotfina.com has some easy to follow instructions about how to make up your gear (i cant seem to get their site to load right now for some reason though). Anyway, insulin pins are definetly the way to go. I hit my bis tris and pecs as my primary injection sites. I like em because they’re easy to see and you dont have to be a contortionist to hit them. Try not to hit the same spot more than twice a week and you’ll be golden. As for the hurt, it shouldnt really hurt at all. An insulin pin is my absolute favorite way to inject. The needle is so fine you can barely feel it going in. Going back to a 23g or even a 25g seems like some sort of torture now hah…


Alright, so with the insulin pins, they offer short needle and long. I’m guessing the long version is the way to go, huh? Bi’s and tri’s seem easy enough and the pecs look decent too.

Hey JP, the cruise went good and no matter what all those guys said about wasting my gear, I still looked jacked, hit the gym 3 times with cardio and ate actually pretty well. Of course they’re were the occasional slipups most noticably the alcohol but even with that it was like Bacardi and diet cokes, Grey Goose Mandarin with a splash of diet sprite, etc. Doubles all the way of course. Man, what a blast. Good to be back to normalcy tomorrow though!

Hahahaha schweet man. Yeah i dunno, i enjoy the occasional rye and diet coke myself. I don’t think the occasional drink is an entirely bad thing, as long as you’re careful.

Anyway, get the regular length insulin pins. They should be available without a prescritption. As for injections, check out spot injections they have muscle maps and pictures and stuff. Generally though i just pick a meaty spot and stick my pin in. Be cautious as there are nerves that run underneath the biceps but if you’ve got some decent size there coupled with the fact that the insulin pin is quite short you wont hit them. Have a steady hand though. Insulin pins bend really easily and i’d imagine they’d snap without too much effort too. Just use your head a bit and you’ll be quite pleased with how well they work. 23 gauge… heh.


hey bro just a thought…I tried the site specific injections when i did my tren/prop cycle on my lagging body parts. If you have a person who can do this for ya, I had someone do them in my rear delts because I could not reach them myself. but damn, I got some very big, round, and defined rear delts now. if you’re willing to stand some temporary pain, go for it.

Please tell me how you get oil through an insulin syringe. 25g is the smallest I’ve been able to use and it’s still a bitch sometimes. What could possibly be your secret?

The only gear I’ve gotten through a slim pin is Denkall Stanazolic.

As far as Eq pains go, a little ephedrine hcl or adipex will help that out.

Dude, I’m just about to try the insulin pins myself and I wonder about the efficiency too but I trust my boy JP. I know you have to draw it out with a regular and load it through the back-end of the insulin pin. I will go buy 29 gauge long needle insulin pins and I’m guessing it will be a very slow process. So far I’ve done 3 injects of tren. One in each shoulder and one in my quad and that was with a 22g. Still didn’t feel to bad.

Might have to try the rear delt thing. F-it! I’ll just try em everywhere thats meaty enough to take em. The soreness even from the 22’s are minimal. By the way, has anybody checked out site injections. There are some sick fucks on that one going everywhere from their traps to their calves. Not to mention some of those guys could use a good stint of accutane!

(The only gear I’ve gotten through a slim pin is Denkall Stanazolic.)

I don’t know how you did that. When I tried it with a 25 all the crystals clogged my shit up!

Suspensions dont run through insulin pins so well. Winstrol depot unless its of really high quality (zambon) will generally clog insulin pins up. However, all the oil that i’ve ever put in insulin pins flows just fine. Drawing up with an insulin pin is an exercise in futility it takes a really really long time. So you are best to draw up with a big syringe and then load your insulin pin from the back. However, i bet you could push peanut butter out through an insulin pin. The narrower the diameter of the case of the syringe, the greater the pressure that can be exerted on the contents by the plunger. If you were to slap a 29 gauge needle onto a 3 or 5 cc BD syring case i would wish you good luck on making that oil flow at all.

If you find you’re having trouble making your oil flow, once your syringe is loaded, carefully run it under the hot water tap for a bit. The oil will become much less viscous and will flow like water, not to mention it feels kinda cool injecting warm stuff. Just make sure it isnt red hot or that might not feel great.