EQ for 8 Weeks?

Hi Guys

i have 4 vials of EQ and was wondering if its still worth while to use in an 8 week cycle @800mg/week , i have never used EQ before and most of what ive researched says it should be run for a minimum of 12 weeks . has any one had good results with an 8 weeker on EQ


8 is fine IME although 600mg is ample i would imagine.

cheers brook , ive read there is a significant difference by upping it to 800/week as having never used it i would not have a clue if thats true for me ,

There is certainly not a significant difference from 600mg to 800mg of Boldenone, and I can say that as i have used it more than once and at various dosages.

Whether there is a difference, i think it is pretty safe to say there is but i would not call it even close to significant.
The results from that drug are bordering on insignificant to begin with, which coupled with the fact that at that dose of AAS, the dose:response curve is already flattening out somewhat for most if not all AAS, so the increase in results is going to be less than the increase between two lower doses (175mg and 375mg for example, which IMO is the difference between decent results and fuck all and would in my opinion be the most significant 200mg leap you could have with that drug… IMO…)

I am not a massive fan BUT if you get high quality gear and especially if you are a steroid virgin, you will probably really enjoy it.
I do wish i had used it earlier on in my steroid using life, when its results would have been more dramatic…



yip steriod virgin done one 12 week cycle ( test e ) and one 2 week cycle ( tren a / test p ) so hopefully will see some good results with 8 week EQ / Test P . thanks for your replies

Well if you have run previous cycles surely that would mean you aren’t a steroid virgin…?

i think you will like the combo personally, you have a little usage history but not much. I would also suggest reduceing to 600mg and go with slightly longer time frame approx 10weeks. I think that would prove more functional but either way i feel you will like the combo. I used to have first run guys do eq at moderate dose 400mg or so coupled with just 200mg of test for around 12 weeks and they always loved it.

[quote]ozi wrote:
yip steriod virgin done one 12 week cycle ( test e ) and one 2 week cycle ( tren a / test p ) so hopefully will see some good results with 8 week EQ / Test P . thanks for your replies [/quote]

Have any of you guys seen a difference in how the different ester lengths interact with EQ (test E vs. test prop)?? I’m considering running some EQ in the future and I wasn’t sure if it made a difference to use 2 long ester compounds (EQ/testE) or one long and one short (EQ/testP).

You can do it and it won’t really change the result you end up with, per se, but if you are running one steroid with a long ester, it just makes more sense to have the entire stack consist of other longer esters. If you are shooting eq once or twice a week but you still have to shoot prop ED or EOD, it just becomes that much more of a chore, than if you were to, for example, run eq with test e, and go ahead and fill your syringe with both and shoot them together E3D.

Thanks Cortes

Here’s what I posted over in my “EQ only cycle” thread:

[quote]GymJones wrote:
Just an update for you guys:

Im heading into week 8 of my EQ only cycle with a dose of 600mg/week. At this point my endurance is up, I have more energy, my recovery is much quicker, my strength is increasing AND Im losing fat. I have an increased appetite but not quite as much as I expected. I have actually dropped 20lbs of fat and gained 7lbs of muscle since I had my last BF% test (which was a couple months before I started my cycle but most of my gains have come in the last 2 months for sure).

I also haven’t experienced any negative sides. No loss of my libido and my balls are still full size! I actually did add 250iu 2x weekly of HCG into my cycle this week and will run it till the end.[/quote]

At this point I can’t imagine ending my cycle right now! Im just now feeling like Im getting into full swing. If I were you I would wait till I had enough EQ to run the cycle for 16 weeks. Also from what I’ve read there isn’t a huge advantage from using 800mg over 600mg/week. I would go with 600mg and run it at least 16 weeks. I’m by no means an expert on this since this is actually my first cycle but these are my experiences with EQ.